Huntingdon heads region's job growth


The Huntingdon area is the region's hotspot for new jobs.

The total number of people working in the county has increased by 14,400 to 63,300 over the past 10 years, the biggest increase in the whole of the east.

A study by economic analysts Business Strategies shows Colchester in second place, up almost 11,000 to 67,700.

Cambridge, surprisingly, is third, up 10,100 to 83,100, when many people would have thought it might be number one.

Business Strategies is still working on the study and plans to talk to 18 local authorities in the eastern region to find out 'less than obvious' reasons why some places grow faster than others and what future trends are likely to be.

The Huntingdonshire increase is a massive 26 per cent over the past decade, compared with Cambridge's 13 per cent.

Six districts in the region have shown a decline, Luton,down 7,300 to 72,100, Hitchin and North Herts, down 3,800 to 45,900 and Linslade and South Beds down 3,400 to 43,100.

Across the UK as a whole, the places where the number of employees has risen most over the past decade are Milton Keynes, up 36,000, Warrington, and areas around Bristol.