In the nick of time for homeowners – Hive Hub 360 receives police accreditation



The latest gloomy figures from the Office for National Statistics shows a nine per cent increase in burglary offences across England & Wales. No better time then for Centrica’s Hive branded smart home products, including the uber-smart Hive Hub 360, to receive police accreditation for crime prevention.

Audio Analytics writes:

What does this mean?

The Hive Hub 360, powered by our sound recognition software, along with other Centrica Hive products, have all attained Secured by Design’s (SBD) Police Preferred Specification. This means the devices have passed standards and tests nominated by the police service, which demonstrate effectiveness in preventing or reducing crime.

“We’re delighted that our family of smart products which connect your home, make daily living easier and give peace of mind when you’re away from home, have been accredited by Secured by Design.”

Claire Miles, Managing Director at Centrica Hive

The sound of safety and security

In June I blogged about burglary statistics and the applications of safety and security being the driving force behind the fast-growing smart home market and the market is showing no signs of slowing. A recent report from Parks, along with our recent survey of consumer attitudes to AI in the smart home, highlights the key role that sound recognition plays in consumer homes. It is also clear from both surveys that consumers buy into the benefits that the AI sense of hearing offers from a security and safety perspective.

You can read more about our partnership and our work on the Hive Hub 360 here and you can read the full announcement from Centrica Hive here.


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