The Indie magazine is out

Cover of the summer 2021 edition of The Indie

The summer 2021 issue of The Indie - Cambridge's magazine dedicated to independent business - is now published.

As well as over 40 featured indie businesses - from restaurants and cafes to artists and interiors - The Indie No.9 takes a stroll down Mill Road, delves deep into dark kitchens, and sees how localism needs to be at the heart of a new and better Cambridge.

And as always, it's packed full of fantastic photos of the fantastic members of Indie Cambridge.

Anne Beamish, The Indie's editor, explains how to get your copy:

1. Grab your free copy

Grab yourself a free copy from one of our many pick-up points. Just click here for details of where these are - both in and outside of Cambridge.

2. Join our club

We have a little club of avid indie fans who subscribe to get The Indie delivered direct to their door. Just £12 for three issues. Join the IndieClub here.

3. Peruse the PDF

Well, it may not be quite as good as the printed version (it certainly hasn't got that fresh print smell), but you can still get that warm glow from The Indie goodness here in all its PDF glory.

4. Order from an Indie

Place an order with one of our Indie Members who deliver, and get a free copy of The Indie included (while stocks last).

Indies taking part are:

The Indie's extensive delivery fleet in action, featuring Anne:


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