Information Transfer appoints Dr John Morris to its consultancy team


Information Transfer is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr John Morris to its team of pharmaceutical and healthcare training specialists.

Information Transfer has won several large accounts recently and Dr Morris has been brought in to meet a growing demand for Information Transfer’s specialist knowledge in the field of product and therapy training for pharmaceutical marketing.

John Morris will greatly strengthen the portfolio of services that Information Transfer can offer its clients. He has worked on a wide range of therapeutic areas, including haemostasis and thrombosis, viral hepatitis and HIV, and respiratory disease. An experienced project manager and communicator, he has produced training and communication materials for crop protection, pharmaceutical and medical clients in his previous positions with Aventis, the Haemophilia Society and the Royal College of Physicians. He has also worked closely with primary and secondary healthcare professionals and representatives from the pharmaceutical industry, collaborating on educational and awareness projects.

John is an experienced speaker and has given numerous presentations to groups of patients and medical/scientific professionals such as the Gene Therapy Advisory Council and to audiences at international conferences. He has a diploma in psychodynamic counselling, and in his spare time he provides voluntary counselling and advocacy services.

Information Transfer is one of the few agencies working in pharmaceutical training with a combination of subject-matter expertise, the ability to create engaging and clear training materials on complex subjects, and the technical capability to deliver solutions online as e-learning. Current clients include Bayer HealthCare, Lundbeck and Schering-Plough.


For more information, please contact:

Cathy Curwood
01223 310211 (Direct Line)
01223 312227 (Switchboard)


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