Join Innovation Forum at the Cambridge final of IMAGINE IF!


The Innovation Forum is a global network of over 10,000 innovators that builds bridges between industry, academia and government. It breaks down barriers that slow the progress of technology commercialisation and push on the leading edge of new tech opportunities globally.


IMAGINE IF! is the first truly global competition and accelerator programme for deep technology.

Deep technology is defined as technology based on genuine, novel scientific idea which has a significant impact on improving human or animal wellbeing (e.g. new medicines, medical devices, new materials or engineering solutions helping to preserve the natural environment in a balanced state)

Cambridge's IMAGINE IF! applicants will join the global network of Innovators across 16 branches, competing for the non-dilutive £30,000+ global award.

Innovation Forum's accelerator is built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs! They support early stage science-based ventures, providing successful applicants the option for mentorship, access to non-dilutive capital, free laboratory space, free advice from leading professional services companies and extensive networking across the Innovation Forum platform. 

Applications for Cambridge's local finals can be submitted here by the deadline date of Friday 24 June 2016.

The Innovation Forum seeks to promote innovation by building bridges between academia, industry and government and linking innovative minds across disciplines. We are a multi-campus organisation active at the Universities of Cambridge and London.

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