Smart batteries, AI and behavioural science: innovative pitches at Cleantech Venture Day



Cambridge Cleantech has announced the final shortlist of 24 companies which will be pitching at its high-profile investment event, Cleantech Venture Day, to be held in London on 31st October 2018.

The 24 companies which will be presenting at Cleantech Venture Day represent some of the top most innovative clean tech companies in Europe. From smart batteries to systems that conserve energy from hot showers, they explore the many ways in which technology can be used to create a better future.

The following 24 companies have made the shortlist:

  1. 8Power - technology that powers sensors and wireless systems from vibrational energy, removing the need for batteries or power supply
  2. Airponix - smart soil-less system to grow a broad range of organic quality nutritional food crops including staples
  3. Arriba Technology - world's highest yielding, most economic solar-self-consumption and battery storage systems.
  4.  Cheeky Panda – produces sustainable tissue products out of fast-growing bamboo
  5. CCm Technologies - transforms captured CO2, Ammonia and Phosphorus into fertilizers and replacements for plastic
  6. Cryptocycle Limited - blockchain technology that transforms the effectiveness of recycling Deposit Return Schemes
  7. Cumulus Energy - grid-level energy storage batteries with minimal cost of storage, using patented battery technology
  8.  Finno Energy - Finno Energy has developed a clean, pressure-gain combustion process for power generation in microturbines.
  9. Greenely - Greenely collects, analyses and visualizes households’ energy behaviour and utilizes behavioural data science to help them invest in a sustainable energy home.
  10.  Hydraloop - saves water and energy by recycling 85% of domestic water without the use of filters, membranes or chemicals.
  11.  Joulia - technology to recover heat energy from warm shower water as it goes down the drain
  12.  LightFi - transforms old buildings into smart buildings without changing infrastructure.
  13. Nemein - innovative thermal energy storage system (TESS) which is safer and more environmentally friendly than conventional batteries
  14. Origen Power - technology which generates electricity at the same time as taking CO2 out of the atmosphere
  15. Oxfiniti - smart nanobubble generators that can create nanobubbles of gas in any liquid using a patented treatment process
  16. Quant Co - Quant Co uses AI to help customers adapt to fluctuations in energy usage and rates
  17. Vordan - new generation generator set that consumes 95% less diesel than conventional diesel generators
  18. Saietta - technology to significantly reduce energy consumption of electric vehicles including zero-emission electric sport bikes
  19. Sea Sleeve - Sea Sleeve has an ambitious plan - to create renewable energy from the sea
  20. Solar Polar Ltd - refrigeration and air-conditioning system that requires no electricity, has no moving parts, is silent and uses natural refrigerants
  21. Wimao - patented technology for recycling different waste streams and turning them into ecological composite products
  22. Raybased - intuitive management, control and optimization of electrical systems, such as lighting, appliances and HVAC
  23. Virta - leading-edge smart charging services for EV drivers and companies
  24. Zero Hertz - specialises in delivering Low Voltage Direct Current (LVDC) system solutions, equipment and related services for utility power distribution

Cleantech Venture Day has been a trailblazing event for the cleantech community since it started in Finland in 2006. Over the last 12 years, more than 220 companies have pitched their ideas at Cleantech Venture Days and as much as 600 million euros has been invested as a result of the events.

This is the second year that Cambridge Cleantech is hosting Cleantech Venture Day in London. Investors attending this year’s event include Engie, Cleantech Capital Advisors, First Imagine!, Sustainable Technology Investors Ltd, Grid VC and Saffron Myhill-Hunt, among others.

Martin Garratt, CEO of Cambridge Cleantech, said that this year’s line-up represented some of the best SMEs in the cleantech sector: “It was a difficult job for the judges to reduce a strong line-up of 50+ innovative companies to just 24. We are delighted to have companies from Oxfordshire, where we are establishing Oxfordshire Greentech, the equivalent of Cambridge Cleantech, among the top 24.”

KPMG, JA KEMP, Hewitsons, Chubb and Oxfordshire Greentech are event partners for Cleantech Venture Day 2018. Dr. Henry Hunt-Grubbe, an attorney at patent firm JA Kemp, said, “I’m delighted to be involved in this competition for the second time. The quality of the companies is excellent, and I look forward to discussing the interesting technologies and investment opportunities.”

Tickets are selling out quickly, those interested in attending the event can register here.


Cambridge Cleantech is a network organisation supporting the growth of environmental goods and services or “cleantech” companies in Greater Cambridge and across the region. We plan to further develop Cambridge as a leading cleantech centre in Europe and in doing so, help promote the next wave of the Cambridge hi-tech cluster.

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Cambridge Cleantech is the members’ organisation supporting the growth of environmental goods and services or “cleantech” companies in Greater Cambridge and beyond.

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