Insurance company CEO pays tribute to the transformational Mobas effect



The CEO of insurance company Marmalade has paid tribute to his relationship with Mobas – outlining the transformational impact the agency has had on the business. In a recently commissioned video interview, Crispin Moger says that Mobas continues to play an influential role in the company’s strategy to empower, and act as the champion for young drivers.

“We need to keep changing, keep evolving, and so that’s why it is important to work with an agency like Mobas who understand what it means to create transformational change,” he explains. “Mobas has taken the time to genuinely understand what we do, and this comes from the top, from the MD right the way through the business.”

Crispin says that Marmalade was attracted to Mobas because of our ability to understand and empathise with its ambitions – and deliver on a strategy for growth. The relationship, which began on the PR side, has blossomed to encompass brand strategy, creative and the embedding of a Consultant Marketing Director from the agency.

He says the company benefits from a range of expertise across the marketing spectrum, and values the way that Mobas has made a real effort to get under the skin of the insurance business and the evolving marketplace.

Watch the interview.


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