Intellegens is one of 10 startups selected for ATI Boeing Accelerator to boost UK innovation in aerospace

Intellegens, a Cambridge tech start-up with a unique Artificial Intelligence toolset that can train deep neural networks from sparse or noisy data, has been selected to be part of the ATI Boeing Accelerator programme. 

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Intellegens is a Cambridge tech start-up that uses AI to accelerate innovation in advanced materials, chemicals, and drug discovery

The ATI Boeing Accelerator is a startup accelerator programme designed to support the growth of startups in the UK's aerospace ecosystem and will be based in London in spring 2020. By supporting these innovative early stage technology businesses, the programme aims to bolster the growth and competitiveness of the UK aerospace industry. Intellegens, along with nine other startups, were selected from  268 applicants.

Intellegens is a spin-out from the University of Cambridge that helps clients accelerate innovation by using their unique deep learning solutions to extract valuable information from existing processes and data. The Alchemite™ platform is based on cutting-edge deep learning algorithms that can see correlations between all available parameters, both inputs and outputs, in fragmented, unstructured, corrupt or noisy datasets that are as little as 0.05% complete. The generated models can predict missing values, find errors and optimise target properties with greater levels of accuracy than traditional approaches where complete data is needed.

Dr Gareth Conduit, co-founder of Intellegens commented,

“Our novel deep learning technology, Alchemite™, can unravel data problems that are not accessible to traditional deep learning approaches and is suitable for deployment across any kind of numeric dataset. Our technology is capable of computationally designing and optimising processes for heat resistant and lightweight alloys and is able to predict multiple material properties for a broad range of target criteria. We are enabling organisations to break through data analysis bottlenecks, reduce the amount of time and money spent on research, and support better, faster decision-making.”

Conduit has a PhD from the University of Cambridge and is a Royal Society University Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge. He has a track record of applying artificial intelligence to solve real-world problems, with research contracts held with companies spanning from materials science to healthcare. In his role as CTO at Intellegens, he has helped guide the development of a revolutionary suite of software tools enabling materials engineers to harness the power of deep learning to guide the design of new advanced materials, resulting in reduced costs, reduced development cycles and improved materials in the aerospace industry.

Intellegens was founded in 2017 with a mission to help clients design better industrial formulations, faster, cheaper and cleaner. The selected startups will receive a £100,000 equity investment from Boeing HorizonX Ventures, first-hand access to ATI, Boeing and GKN Aerospace strategists and technical experts.

Ben Pellegrini, CEO at Intellegens said,“We are thrilled to have been selected for the ATI Boeing Accelerator and to have the opportunity to work with the largest aerospace company in the world, Boeing and industry specialist GKN Aerosopace.”

Pellegrini, co-founder and CEO of Intellegens, is an expert in big data and cloud-based platforms. He has a track record of delivering full-stack, commercial solutions to numerous clients in scientific, retail, and health sectors.

Brian Schettler, Senior Managing Director at Boeing HorizonX Ventures, said:“Boeing is thrilled to be involved in this programme, as we believe the 10 selected startups are bringing new ideas and technologies into our industry. We’re excited to see how the accelerator builds on their existing capabilities and enhances their ability to impact aerospace with their innovation.”

Gary Elliott, CEO at the Aerospace Technology Institute, added:“We created this programme because we are looking for great technology from startups who have a different approach to innovation and will introduce a new way of thinking into aerospace and aviation. We are excited about working with new entrepreneurs with a great level of energy and different ways of approaching innovation.”

Paul Perera, VP Technology at GKN Aerospace, said:“We are really excited about what the startup community - especially around sustainability and industry 4.0 - can bring into aerospace. I believe there’s a lot of innovation in this ecosystem and it will be incredibly rewarding to work with Boeing and ATI to help generate the future leaders of the aerospace industry.”

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