IT's back to school for trio


Three friends have founded a business niche providing IT services for schools.

ICTnet, at Cherry Hinton, is the creation of Nathan Gilks, Mark Sterling and Sarah Jane Jarrold, who between them bring a strong background to their business.

Nathan and Sarah Jane worked at PSInet in Cambridge, and Mark was a consultant specialising in Sage software.

The business is providing everything schools need to get up-to-speed with IT, or ICT (information, communication and technology) as it is now dubbed.

'We help schools find out how children can get what they need out of their machines to fit in with the school curriculum,' Nathan says.

ICTnet has also come up with its own product, the 'self-healing desktop', a piece of software that solves the problems associated with shared use of machines.

Everytime a machine is rebooted it automatically resets to a standard slate.

This is an application seen as useful for internet cafes and other areas where there is shared access to machines.

Asked whether they had been nervous setting up in business at a time when the economy has slowed, the friends say they feel now is a good time to get everything sorted out: 'ready for the next boom.'

ICTnet can be reached on (01223) 414966, and offers its services to the business community as well as schools.