Shopping around for IT Security…. if Tesco is open to attack, could you be?



Cyber theft from 20,000 compromised Tesco Bank current accounts shows traditional approaches to security are not working and that companies are not taking the threat seriously enough, according to experts. Have you thought about giving your in-house IT person additional support they may need to keep on top of the tech?


CWL Systems writes:

Think about how big the IT department is at Tesco……. I’m sure they have a division dedicated to IT Security, but they were still vulnerable to a sophisticated planned attack. 

Now think about your own IT team and the vast amounts of knowledge they need to retain in order to keep up to date with today’s sophisticated cyber landscape. CWL Specialise in supporting your existing IT teams to ensure you are as safe as possible.

We know having an in-house IT person or people can really benefit a small business.

For one, internal staff will be familiar with all the quirks of your business’s IT setup, so they’ll be able to better identify and deal with problems.

They also get to see how you and your employees use technology on a day-to-day basis and can come up with ideas for improving processes and making people more productive.

But (and this is a big but), in-house IT people in small companies can suffer from a limiting lack of expertise and resources. That’s why in-house IT needs support.


Too many businesses look at their IT requirements and think there are just two choices: ‘In-house or outsourced IT support?’

But, that’s not true. There’s another choice: combine the two.

Often an external partner can remotely monitor and manage your IT estate, keeping things running smoothly and efficiently, freeing your in-house support to focus on urgent requests and developing new ideas.


No matter how well they’ve been trained, a single IT guy or gal just won’t have time to keep up with the full breadth of developments that we see every day in the world of business technology. Sometimes your in-house IT person needs support.

That’s why, beyond just maintenance, your business could benefit from the experienced support of an external IT partner.

When your company is growing, it’s essential you keep tabs on IT developments that could aid your business, and a great IT partner will bring far more to the table than just support. They’ll have the wide-ranging expertise to advise and support you through all of your future IT developments.

Hiring sufficient internal staff of a high enough calibre to match what an external partner can provide simply isn’t affordable for a small business.

Working together, an in-house IT team supported by an IT partner can deliver the best of both worlds: creating the most responsive, specialist, insightful and experienced support team possible.

If you would like to chat about the ways we could support your existing IT team, please get in touch to arrange a network security assessment. 


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