Ithaka Life Sciences' client CYP Design Ltd awarded Technology Strategy Board funding


Following the formation of CYP Design Ltd (CYPDESIGN™) by Ithaka Life Sciences and De Montfort University (DMU), Ithaka is pleased to announce that CYPDESIGN™ has been awarded a grant by the government-backed Technology Strategy Board - the UK’s innovation agency - to help support the development of new products and services, based on a set of proteins, named cytochrome P450s (CYPs).

CYPs are found in the human liver and are mostly responsible for the metabolism of drugs in people. These proteins are commercially available and widely used by companies involved in the discovery
of new drugs. However, the currently-marketed proteins are expensive, poorly active, unstable at ambient temperatures and inconvenient to use.

CYPDESIGN™ has developed processes for the production of active, stable and cost effective human CYPs. The Technology Strategy Board Smart award will enable CYPDESIGN™ to demonstrate proof of concept for further exploitation of its proprietary technology that will allow it to develop new and improved CYP products that can be used throughout the drug discovery process.

Dr Bill Primrose (CEO) said: “We are delighted that the Technology Strategy Board is supporting this project. Commercially-available human cell-derived CYPs are of low activity, with considerable batch to batch variation, compared to CYPs expressed from other sources. There is an unmet need for stable human cells with defined CYP content supplied in an easy to use format for all stages of drug discovery. A successful project will enable CYPDESIGN™ to become a leading supplier of CYP products and services in the coming years.”


For more information please call Dr Primrose on 01223 247468.


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