Jana Hovanec joins Salus Wellness Clinics

Jana Hovanec

Jana Hovanec, who has just joined Salus Wellness Clinics, is a qualified Thrive programme consultant. She works with anyone wanting to optimise their mental well being.

Jana gained her accreditation ATPC a few years ago. Since then she has been working with clients from Salus Wellness Clinics or via Skype.

She teaches Thrive, an evidence-based psychological training programme, which has been proven to treat many mental health issues like depression, weight loss, low self-esteem, social anxiety and stress to mention just a few, with lasting life-changing results.

Jana is offering free initial consultations to all potential trainees. Once you decide to sign onto the course you will have between six to eight 90-minute sessions. Fee includes all additional materials needed to complete the programme.

Thrive Programme has changed many lives. Let it change yours too. 

Please contact Jana by phone 07745 791724 or by email at jana.hovanec@thriveprogramme.org
or check her website www.thriveprogramme.org/jana-hovanec


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