Judge students visit Sweden to see hi- tech in action


Some 40 Judge students from the Cambridge Business School Club - comprising a majority of MBAs, with one PhD, two MSTs and a Diploma student - travelled to Stockholm in December for a student-organised five-day investigation of some of the most forward-looking tech and financial firms in Sweden.

The trip began with an intellectual tour of the telecoms industry seen from Sweden's top firm, Ericsson, finishing with an exciting 'future home' demonstration, featuring internet TV on a fridge and bluetooth technology.

That afternoon the group went on to a smaller company - Net Insights - whose visionary founder spoke on the IPR his company holds regarding the full exploitation of higher bandwidths, and therefore, high speed information transfer in the near future.

The next day, the students were welcomed by Investor AB, a growing financial services firm looking to expand and diversify, who informed the group about business and the big players in Sweden and their positioning in this picture. In the afternoon, Bredbandsbolaget showed off its technology and progress in bringing high-speed, scalable internet access, so fast that two-way streamed television and video are made possible. This was a breathtaking presentation!

Some students have already applied to work there for their consulting project in March.

The party also visited the Skandia Future Centre at Vaxholm. This was an aesthetic experience in which human capital, technology, home office networking and future organisational behavioural trends were discussed. On later to Motorola's Application Development Centre in the Old Town, where the group was shown a number of high-tech gadgets to reach the market in 2001.