Just Business: A Question of Ethics


Cambridge Europe and Technology Club Monthly Meeting preceded by the AGM

Thursday, 29 January 2004 at the TWI Conference Centre, Granta Park, Abington

Preceded by the CETC AGM at 5:30pm.

Finger buffet at 6:00pm. Talk at 6:30pm.

The issue of ethics and ethical behaviour is integral to the management of businesses. Whether we consciously follow an ethical approach or not, there is certain behaviour and attitudes which we develop through the course of our lives which impact on the way we do business. This affects us in several ways including our behaviour towards the various categories of stakeholders we deal with, our approach to ecological issues and the overall objective, strategy and leadership underlying our businesses.

Increasingly, the lack of ethics has been seen to result in substantial issues and in several cases the demise of businesses. Just think of Enron, WorldCom, Arthur Andersen.More recently consider the issues at Londis and Parmalat and the ongoing debate about so-called fat-cat salaries. Why has a more rigid code of corporate governance been introduced on top of the long-established codes?

If we are to establish long-term businesses that will enable us to develop the technologies we usually hear about at CETC, we need to run our businesses well.

Our January meeting is designed to help us gain a better awareness of the ethical issues that we face in business and then to help us consider how we might recognise and respond to them.

Dr Richard Higginson, Director of Studies and Lecturer in Christian Ethics at Ridley Hall, Cambridge, will be speaking on the subject 'business success through working effectively with all stakeholders'.

As Director of the Ridley Hall Foundation's 'Faith in Business' Project, Richard is particularly interested in the theology and ethics underlying business practice and has published several books on the subject. His most recent is Questions of Business Life: Exploring Workplace Issues from a Christian Perspective. This is a retrospective review of various seminars run by The Ridley Foundation covering such subjects as: The Ethics of Marketing, Business and Sustainable Development, Business in Cyberspace and The Stakeholder Economy.

We are currently finalising arrangements for a second speaker to talk on 'some of the practical issues of running a business in the face of conflicting ethical views'. As you no doubt all have examples of ethical issues affecting your businesses, our open discussion time should be lively.

Business management is as important to the life of companies as the technologies being worked on. We therefore look forward to welcoming you to our meeting in January.

Cost: Free to CETC members. 10 for non-members. Membership rates for the calendar year (and therefore now due) are 35 for individuals and 60 for companies. This entitles the individual or up to three employees of the company to attend meetings free of charge. Booking (with payment as appropriate) is essential for catering purposes.

To book, please send your name, company name, telephone number, e-mail address and cheque made payable to CETC (if required) to:

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