Knowledge Associates and CBMSc partnership integrates strategy and knowledge management



Knowledge Associates International Ltd. and Cambridge Management Sciences Ltd (CBMSc) announce a new approach that integrates Strategy, Process Design and Knowledge Management at a deeper level to help businesses achieve sustainable results faster, better and at a lower cost.

Knowledge Associates International Ltd. and CBMSc today announced a new business performance improvement service. Through a new partnership, they are able to offer an organisational improvement framework to increase productivity from intangible assets and ensure compliance with new developments in international standards.

This partnership uniquely combines the experience and capability of two innovative Cambridge companies. Together they provide a comprehensive consultancy and development service designed to help organisations achieve, sustain and extend their strategic goals though deeply aligned, optimised and integrated processes, systems, people and knowledge tools.

The importance of formulating the right strategy and being able to deliver it at speed continues to grow. External changes are outpacing the ability of organisations to innovate quickly enough to keep pace. Responding effectively to these challenges, combined with the critical need to get the best value from both tangible and intangible assets, is difficult for many organisations.

This new solution enables clients to achieve strategic alignment with embedded knowledge management so that their business model and strategy can evolve in a sustainable way. The key elements of the combined offering include:

  •  Strategy Evaluation: professionals will assess interested customers’ current corporate and business strategies and recommend ways to improve them.
  • Common Business Components: evaluation of the current design, specification and implementation of the operations plans, process designs, systems architecture and key governance and management responsibilities including risk and performance.
  • Knowledge Asset Management: identifying, developing and managing a strategic portfolio of critical knowledge assets.

“Empirical research shows a clear link between effective knowledge asset management and the achievement of strategic goals," said Steve McGrady, CBMSc’s Managing Director. “Through this new partnership with our Cambridge neighbours, we are able to combine their Knowledge Asset Management methodology (KAM) with our Strategy to Results Method (StoRM) to provide even more value to our clients”

Says Ron Young, CEO and CKO of Knowledge Associates Cambridge, “There is no doubt in our minds that those organisations that manage their knowledge assets wisely will dominate the 21st century. This can best be achieved by combining a comprehensive Strategy to Results process with effective Knowledge Management .“

Both organisations declare “We are pleased to be able to extend our capability together as we anticipate the imminent publication of new Global Standards for Knowledge Management and Innovation”

About Knowledge Associates

Over the years, Knowledge Associates have developed much knowledge and expertise to identify, manage, develop and apply valuable intangible knowledge assets to achieve strategic organizational objectives. Their Knowledge Asset Management Methodology (KAM) is academically accredited by The Lord Ashcroft International Business School, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge and Chelmsford, UK. They have also embedded effective implementation methods and tools in a distributed KNOW-LEDGER Platform, hosted by Google Global Cloud Services and built on Blockchain technologies.

About Cambridge Management Sciences

Cambridge Management Sciences are the UK’s leading proponents of evidence-based practice in Operations Research consultancy, learning and development. CBMSc uses evidence-led approaches to provide proven, powerful and cost-effective ways to improve business performance. Their expertise has been used by public and private sector organisations, large and small, across four continents. They have helped to develop significant strategic advances in a wide range of industries including nuclear and renewable energy, investment banking, and national government.

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Cambridge Management Sciences Ltd.

We increase the effectiveness of organisations using proven evidence-based methods that turn strategy into results. We prefer to work as facilitators, unlocking the knowledge and creativity in an organisation, guided by our knowledge and experience of what is possible.

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