KTH offers discounted Negotiation Skills training for Cambridge Network members


An increasing number of people are involved in negotiating on a daily basis - whether it's agreeing the terms of a new contract with customers, negotiating the best price with suppliers, or discussing workload issues with colleagues.

Clearly, the effect of poor negotiations can have catastrophic implications - in terms of cost, as well as on-going customer relations, staff morale and motivation - and not many businesses can afford to put to waste the tangible value of an experienced staff team, or long-term business relationships.

Effective negotiation has sometimes been passed off as an inborn skill of a fortunate few who can bully their way to success. Fortunately for the majority, this just isn't true!

KTH Training and Consultancy firmly believes that as with most interpersonal skills, negotiation can be taught, practiced and mastered. Most importantly, learning to strive for win/win outcomes will have an immediate impact on the quality of relationships through increased co-operation.

KTH's popular one-day introductory Negotiation Skills Course gives participants the confidence and skills to achieve results through mutually beneficial outcomes. It includes a powerful balance of theory and practice, and is particularly recommended for anyone required to negotiate terms or deals on behalf of their company, whether it's internally with colleagues, or externally with customers and/or suppliers.

Delegates will learn how to:

- Use a tried and tested 5 stage model of negotiation - Develop a range of essential techniques and skills - Apply new skills to a range of situations - Prepare effectively using a helpful preparation checklist - Influence others with the help of a benefits analysis tool - Reach desired win/win agreements - Strike better deals - Develop more positive on-going working relationships

Date: 4th Dec 2001

Venue: Quy Mill Hotel, Cambridge

Times: 9.15am to 5pm

Special Discount Price for Cambridge Network Members: 132 +VAT per person or 250 +VAT for 2 places. (Full price = 165 +VAT per person)

If you would like to reserve one or more places, or to request a more detailed course outline, contact KTH directly at: mail@kth-training.com or call (01223) 476816, quoting 'Cambridge Network'