Local MP supports green homes


Daniel Zeichner MP will launch the city's sixth annual Open Eco Homes event, this Saturday 26th September at 10.30am at 155 Coleridge Road, Cambridge, CB1 3PW.

Open Eco Homes is organised by Cambridge Carbon Footprint and will see 15 homes in and around Cambridge open their doors for guided tours.
The MP will visit Kim and Charlie Browne's home to see the big insulation improvements they have made to their 1930s semi after they visited Open Eco Homes in previous years.
With householders showing many ways they save home energy, the aim is to inspire visitors to make their own home-energy improvements and is a practical way of cutting carbon emissions and contributing to tackling climate change.
Daniel Zeichner MP “I'm delighted to support Cambridge's annual Open Eco Homes open days. In a city like Cambridge which is full of older homes, this is a fantastic opportunity for local people to chat to neighbours who have already made changes to their homes to save energy, cut down fuel bills and benefit the environment."
Daniel Zeichner MP

MP for the City of Cambridge constituency.

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