Logica messaging solutions boost results


Logica, the UK-based IT services and software company, posted profits before tax of GBP 155.

6 million for its financial year ended June 30, a 60 per cent increase compared to 2000.

The company said its mobile networks business continued to grow strongly, benefiting from its strong position in 2G and the emerging 3G wireless data and solutions.

Logica software for text messaging showed strong growth with its revenues rising 65 per cent to GBP 312.1 million and operating profit 98 per cent to 65.2 million.

'Logica's telecoms business continued to grow strongly with a 42 per cent revenue increase. Our unrivalled global reputation as the leading provider of technology for messaging solutions has been supported by excellence in billing, prepay and operational support systems,' said Martin Read, CEO at Logica.

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