Make new connections at Cambridge Network this autumn


The Cambridge Network kicks off the autumn term with a selection of networking events to help members gain new insights and make new connections. Choose from breakfast workshops on a range of topics, or come along to learn about the Network itself, or about National Quantum Technology Hubs.


All these events are described in detail on dedicated Events pages, but here is a quick summary of each.

Follow the links below to find out more and sign up:

Date/ time and venue Event Why come?
Thursday 10 September (8am-10:30am)
Hauser Forum, 3 Charles Babbage Road, Cambridge, CB3 0GT
Breakfast Workshop: Creating professional looking video for business This talk is aimed at helping non-filmmakers access the skills needed to make their own professional looking business video content. We’ll look at each stage of the production process, from idea through to uploading, with useful tips and techniques on each stage. This interactive talk will send you away with some genuine practical tips.
Friday 18 September 2015  (11:00am-13:00pm)
Hauser Forum, 3 Charles Babbage Road, Cambridge, CB3 0GT
Making the Most of Cambridge Network Membership - Lunchtime Seminar What's in it for you? Potential and new members of the Cambridge Network community - or existing members interested in learning more about our organisation - can find out at this informal seminar and networking lunch.

Thursday 24 September (8am-10am)
Hauser Forum, 3 Charles Babbage Road, Cambridge, CB3 0GT
Breakfast Networking: Social Media and Employment Law The use of social media in the workplace is rising and the lines between private and professional use are becoming blurred. This session will give some practical guidance on employer responsibilities and how to start and conduct the conversation with the employee where there is an allegation of bullying outside the workplace.
Thursday 24 September (9:30 am-13:00pm, followed by lunch)
The Trinity Centre, Cambridge Science Park, Cambridge CB4 0FZ
Cambridge Network event: Business opportunities for Quantum technologies The UK wants to lead in communications technologies, particularly for secure applications and is investing £270m to accelerate translation of world-class research in quantum physics to products and processes for commercial exploitation. This event aims to help our rapid understanding and collaboration between research and business.
Thursday 8 October
Hauser Forum, 3 Charles Babbage Road, Cambridge, CB3 0GT
Breakfast Workshop: Leveraging LinkedIn for Selling: practical strategies you can implement easily So you have a profile on LinkedIn and regularly connect with people. Are you wondering what else you could be doing on LinkedIn and how you should be doing it?


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