McLaren top engineers return to Cambridge for C4IR Network launch



McLaren top engineers Dr Caroline Hogue and Dr Rob Bowyer return to Cambridge to discuss intelligence and real time big data insights at the Consortium for the 4th Industrial Revolution 2017 (C4IR) Network Series launch on 2-3 February.


Top global executives and Cambridge academics will be interested to see the shift from theory and causality to pragmatic insights correlation in big data. The What is to beat the Why.

Dr Caroline Hargrove joined McLaren F1 team in 1997. For 10 years, she worked on the development of the McLaren simulator programme. Caroline studied Maths & Mechanical Engineering to PhD at Cambridge University, then she lectured in Engineering there as a Fellow. 

Dr Rob Bowyer is chief Engineer at McLaren AT. He has patents in Control Systems for Automotive and an engineering PhD from Oxford. He has worked with Red Bull Racing on real-time simulators and at Vestas and at Cambridge Consulting. Rob is a world leader in real-time and predictive control systems.

Caroline and Rob will cover data analytics in 4IR. 

"We are incorporating our longest running HVM Conference series into the brand new C4IR series which is global. C4IR is an EU trademark and the entity is looking to partner with organisations like the WEF, with which we have already made contact and large private sector companies and consultancies. This is for the long run. The topics are fascinating. Cambridge is a great place to begin this. Come and join us at Robinson's new exec centre for a top level high value industry40 briefing day." said Founder of CIR and C4IR, Dr Justin Hayward.

This unique Consortium for the 4th Industrial Revolution 2017 (C4IR) global event series and investor-business network provides the market access platform for understanding and investing, partnering and innovating in the 4th industrial revolution. In short, it is an ambitious platform to usher in the 4IR and try to understand the trillion dollar question of investment in it. Leading figures have said that the 4IR category will see exponential growth by enabling large productivity gains and new models. But when? And how? Who will benefit/lose out? At what ROI - and how do we calculate it? What are the real risks of cyberattack? What technical issues of deployment exist and how severe are they? What new business models will be used? Assessing winners and losers in a nonlinear change scenario is fraught; we will present a method and enable intelligent discussion.

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Some of the most insightful leaders will provide executive investor briefing sessions at these intensive one-day masterclasses which are preceded by welcome reception dinner networking evenings.

Welcome from Director

We warmly invite you to join us in Cambridge, UK, to listen, discuss, understand, network, dine, meet, build relationships and invest or fund. There is a new C4IR membership network; we encourage you to join.

I am excited to launch C4IR’s network of exchange and global event series which will offer valuable support and market access to investors interested in understanding and investing in the fourth industrial revolution / industrie 4.0 technologies and new business models. With complexity and (cyber and investment) risk high, new business models unfamiliar, ROI and market timing unclear, technical challenges of IOT in context high, yet investment urgency very high, the C4IR investment network and briefing series is a global initiative to connect that I hope will resonate with the world’s 4IR corporate and financial investors, engineers and innovators.
 - Dr Justin Hayward

Format for planning

  • Arrival day: flights in late afternoon & welcome dinner evening  
  • Overnight stay at the event hotel 
  • Next day: main event all day from early & close

Agenda with approximate timing

2 February 2017 Welcome reception bubbly, dinner evening & networking 6:30pm - 9:30pm

3 February 2017 Investment executive briefing & masterclass day 8:30 - 4:30pm (main event)

Brochure PDF

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*We have greatly simplified the pricing model. No more early bird and super early bird. No more category discounts. Just the best price with or without accommodation for busy people. Pricing, in keeping with 4IR situations, will vary by date according to an unpredictable model. For example, if sponsorship comes in, the price may be lowered. If time passes price may increase as spaces diminish. We have already been able to reduce prices by over £200 as momentum builds.

Content Objectives
Understand selected or general fourth industrial revolution or industrie 4.0 sectors and business models and discuss

1. Drivers, impact, challenges and market timing 

2. Business models, economic value flow, monetisation, ROI calc frameworks & growth

3. Investment strategy and risk

for investment in 4th industrial revolution scaling businesses.

Mission to help understand the complexity of 4th industrial revolution from a corporate investor-innovator perspective and to inspire to act to increase ROI while helping to eradicate global extreme poverty, decrease pollution and improve quality of life through the fast advancing suite of technologies coming on to the global market.

Who for? See example invited network ecosystem of 4IR leaders

The C4IR forums begin with the informal dinner networking evening but are intense on day 2; they are designed for very busy senior executives, shorter than most events.

  • Corporates
  • Entrepreneurs & innovators
  • Engineers 
  • Corporate investors / decision-makers
  • Chief Digital Officers, CIOs
  • UHNW & HNW individuals & angel investors
  • Hedge/Fund Managers
  • Venture Capital Investors
  • Crowdfunding Investors

Flights information

All London Airports (Stansted STN (30 mins, exec taxi transfer cost £GBP50), City LCY (2h, £GBP125) , Heathrow LHR (2h, £GBP150) , Luton LUT (1h30, £GBP100), Gatwick LGW 3h, £GBP200) serve Cambridge. Taxis take 10 minutes from the Cambridge train station and cost under £GBP 10.

About CIR networks of exchange

CIR invites you to come to these high quality events. They are led by insightful, intelligent and experienced leaders. You gain the best networking value, developing your funds or business and corporate success by gaining insights and growing the size and quality of the value network.

CIR founded this expanding network of exchange in 2002, since when there have been 45 great conference days, covering high value manufacturing and automation, new materials such as graphenes and functional materials, connectivity in energy, transport, homes and health, smart systems and intelligence analytics. We are perfectly placed to deliver this global platform for investors & business in 4IR and are excited by the journey into the future. 

Future C4IR events are international. However, here are two UK events in the series with links:-

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