Meteoric fall in development costs


Meteor announced general release of new inkjet drivers for the popular TOSHIBA Tec CF1 printhead. The new Meteor CF1 driver enables OEMs to quickly and easily develop printing applications using the latest ink-circulating technology from Japan.

When entering new markets or developing new applications ink jet press manufacturers face many risks and costs. Meteor printhead drivers help manufacturers worldwide to reduce their development risk and time-to-market. Now Meteor’s production-ready hardware and software allows OEMs to exploit the full capabilities of these powerful TTEC CF1 printheads from day-one, resulting in a huge improvement in time-to-market and reliability.

Stefan Ross, Meteor Business Manager said “We have supplied several thousand meteor boards for a wide range of printheads since launch, and anticipate strong take up of the new board for the TTEC CF1 head. The head’s recirculation technology has resulted in strong market interest worldwide.”

Meteor electronics support the full range of TOSHIBA Tec printheads.

About Meteor

TTP Meteor is a division of TTP dedicated to enabling graphics, commercial print and rapid manufacturing applications through the provision of world-leading electronics, software and services. We work in partnership with our clients to help them bring new products to market and develop new applications.

About TTP

TTP is Europe’s leading independent technology and product development company. TTP’s primary objective is to create new business based on advances in technology. TTP specialises in digital printing, communications, instrumentation, consumer and industrial products, medical devices, cleantech and security systems. TTP has its own extensive laboratory and pre-production manufacturing facilities and employs engineers, scientists and business development specialists renowned for their creativity and experience. The company, established in 1987, is headquartered in Melbourn (near Cambridge, UK).

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