Microsoft Research invites you to a screening of the 'Big Dream' documentary


Big Dream is an inspirational documentary which follows the stories of seven young women who are breaking the barriers and overcoming personal challenges to follow their passion in science, maths, computing and engineering.


Microsoft Research writes:

We think the screening [at 16.00 on Thursday 9 April at our office in 21 Station Road, Cambridge CB1 2FB] will be of most interest to young women in school years 8-10, but we welcome anyone aged 10-18 years to join us for the screening (and a parent of those under 16, too).

After the viewing we will be holding a Q&A panel to give the audience the opportunity to interact with some of our female research scientists and find out more about what they do.

Visit to register (please note that if you are under 16 you will need an 18+ adult to attend with you). 

For more information on the Big Dream Movement please visit


The Microsoft Research Cambridge laboratory was set up in July 1997 and was Microsoft Corporation's first research laboratory established outside the United States. Today, 100 researchers, mostly from Europe, are engaged in computer research at the lab.

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