Money Mover extends its reach to UK SMEs through partnership with the ICPA



Cambridge-based Fintech international payments platform and currency exchange, Money Mover, is pleased to announce its partnership with the ICPA (Independent Certified Practising Accountants) - the professional organisation representing 950+ accountants in practice.

The ICPA was formed to address the fact that little was being done to help the thousands of smaller local, high street and GP (general practice) accountancy practices throughout the UK. No one institute or organisation was dedicated solely to these firms, with the result that accountants everywhere, regardless of their specialism felt at best marginalised and at worst abandoned.

Many of the clients of the ICPA’s member firms do business internationally, with customers, suppliers and staff located overseas. The ability to manage the flow of funds between currencies and locations efficiently is crucial to their success.

On average, UK banks charge small and medium-sized enterprises nearly £4 billion in hidden fees each year. It goes without saying that SMEs cannot be expected to shoulder such a burden in outgoings.

Money Mover, a UK fintech firm which is committed to reducing foreign exchange and payment costs for SMEs, has a simple proposition in the face of this: to provide a platform which is business-focused, transparent and simple to use, and which keeps their transactions safe at all times.

This new partnership will help over 950 ICPA members save their clients money on their overseas payments and transfers.

Hamish Anderson, Money Mover’s CEO, explains, “Many ICPA members work with businesses making international payments on a regular basis; paying international suppliers and consultants or moving funds between currency accounts. Money Mover’s intuitive online service brings ICPA members a cloud-based financial service which delivers real cost savings and efficiencies to their clients. We’re delighted that it has chosen Money Mover to help differentiate its proposition.”

Tony Margaritelli, ICPA’s Chairman, says, “Partnering with Money Mover made perfect sense for the ICPA. The ICPA sets out to put together a range of benefits and support that would make accountants everywhere feel welcome, appreciated and understood. We seek to establish relationships with innovative commercial businesses that are providing services to the small practice sector and so we are delighted to include Money Mover in our suite of member benefits.

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About Money Mover

Money Mover is a fast-growing Fintech company dedicated to transforming international payments for SMEs. It disrupts banks by providing the transparency, functionality and low pricing which had hitherto been available only to the largest corporates and institutions. It was shortlisted for Start Up of the Year (2014) by The Guardian and selected by PwC as a member of its Future of Work technology accelerator.

Money Mover is based in Cambridge, UK, and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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About ICPA

The ICPA was formed in recognition of the fact that little was being done to help the thousands of small accountancy practices throughout the UK known as local, or high street or GP accountants.

No one institute or organisation was dedicated solely to these practices with the result that accountants everywhere regardless of their Institute felt at best marginalised and at worst frankly abandoned.

The founders of the ICPA were all accountants in practice in varying institutes and they got together as friends to vent their mutual dissatisfaction and frankly have a good old moan about how they were being treated.

It soon dawned on them that moaning was getting them nowhere and out of this anger and frustration was born the ICPA.

It was decided to be practice specific and to recognise and concentrate solely on the needs and wants of the small practitioner and to try to bring innovation and recognition to bear.

The ICPA set out to put together a range of benefits and support that would make accountants everywhere feel welcome and appreciated and understood.

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Money Mover

Money Mover is a feature-rich online global payments platform that provides a a secure and low cost way for small/medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to make their international payments.

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