Money Mover to save UK SMEs thousands with new KashFlow partnership


Global currency exchange & international payments platform, Money Mover, is pleased to announce a new partnership with online accounting software provider, KashFlow.

This new partnership will help UK sole traders and small to medium-sized businesses save money on their overseas payments. 

On average, UK banks charge small and medium-sized enterprises nearly £4 billion in hidden fees each year. It goes without saying that SMEs cannot be expected to shoulder such a burden in outgoings. 

Money Mover, a UK fintech firm which is committed to reducing foreign exchange and payment costs for SMEs, has a simple proposition in the face of this: to provide a platform which is business-focused, transparent and simple to use, and which keeps their transactions safe at all times.

Hamish Anderson, Money Mover’s CEO, explains, “KashFlow and Money Mover see the world in a very similar way. Our goal is to use technology to improve the services available to UK SMEs and sole traders, to save them time and to reduce their costs. KashFlow is the hub of a business’s acounts and bookkeeping; Money Mover is the hub of their international trading activity – the perfect partnership!

Oliver Shaw, KashFlow’s CEO, says, “Partnering with Money Mover made perfect sense for KashFlow as we hold the same values at our core: to offer a simple, no-nonsense service to the UK’s small businesses and sole traders and ensure they’re getting the best opportunities and deals wherever possible.

“International trading can be one of the scariest prospects in the life of a small business, but we know there are KashFlow customers whose goods and services are ready for the world stage. Options like Money Mover allow them to take that global step in the confidence they’re getting the best rates, and their books and accounts can be scaled to support them as their business evolves.

“KashFlow exists to support small businesses, and this new partnership with Money Mover opens an exciting new avenue for us to do that as the UK’s businesses grow and set foot into the world, with our support right behind them.”

The Money Mover / KashFlow partnership is now live, with all new and existing customers being offered a free international payments review to help get them started. 

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