Most industries will increase IT budgets


The energy industry - along with petroleum and mining - is set to be the IT sector's biggest spender this year.

New research reveals a 16 per cent rise in spending by the industry in 2002, with farming, fishing and forestry looking to increase its spending by ten per cent.

Figures from Gartner and SoundView reveal 60 per cent of industries expect to increase their IT budgets.

Manufacturers show the steepest fall in spending with non-durable goods makers shaving 15 per cent off their IT budgets.

Business and financial services, media and entertainment, retail and healthcare industries all indicated minimal IT spending increases.

Arnie Berman, chief technology strategist at SoundView, said: 'Last year, user priorities were dictated by the question, 'Which of these new projects can we do without?'

'In 2002, a new question will determine the shape of IT spending: `What do we need to do to be safe no matter what happens?''

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