Daniel Zeichner MP hosts inaugural meeting of Cambridge Bus Forum


Cambridge MP Daniel Zeichner is to host the inaugural meeting of Cambridge Bus Forum tomorrow (Saturday 29 July) at the Cambridge Central Library. The forum will bring together bus users, including young people, older people, and the visually-impaired, alongside representatives from Cambridgeshire County Council, Stagecoach and Whippet.


During the General Election, Daniel promised to set up a bus users' forum in the city and he is sticking by his promise. The commitment came after Daniel worked in Parliament on the Bus Services Act to allow local councils to take back control of bus services and campaigned against the County Council’s £1 charge on Park and Ride sites.

Daniel Zeichner said: ‘Bus users are an under-represented group in Cambridge politics. But in our congested and polluted city, they are a crucial part of building a long-term and sustainable transport network. Making sure that those who do not have access to a car, such as the young, older people, and the disabled, can travel by bus cheaply and conveniently is also a crucial part of reducing inequality in our two-tier city.

‘I hope that Cambridge Bus Forum will become the focal point for bus users in Cambridge to raise questions with bus operators and to engage in positive dialogue to make improvements to the bus network across the city.‘

Central Cambridge resident and regular bus user Jacqui Davis added: ‘I took the plunge and sold my car because I began to dread driving in Cambridge traffic, especially at peak times, and I also felt uncomfortable about the fact that I was contributing to the congestion and pollution. Now for me there is something very enjoyable about sitting on a bus knowing that I’m not the one doing the driving. I gather most of the buses have been adapted to reduce emissions, so that’s rare praise for the bus companies. I’m really pleased that a bus forum is being planned. I think it is probably the only way to bring everybody together to drive things forward jointly.‘

The forum will take place tomorrow Saturday 29 July at 12:45pm, Conference Room, Cambridge Central Library.



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