Cambridge MP welcomes scientist to Parliament in Royal Society pairing scheme


Daniel Zeichner, MP for Cambridge, has this week taken part in the Royal Society’s Pairing Scheme. This initiative pairs scientists with MPs, and they shadow each other, first in Westminster, in order to learn more about how policy is made and how politics works. Later, MPs get the chance to join the scientists in their work places to learn more about scientific research.


Throughout the week, the scientists are taken on a tour of the Palace of Westminster, attend talks by prominent MPs and work with their MPs. This can involve attending meetings with stakeholders or constituents, working on policy research and media, working with All Party Parliamentary Groups, and attending lobbies.


Mr Zeichner was paired with Dr Glenn Masson, a fellow at St Catherine’s College, Cambridge, and a scientist working at Cambridge’s Laboratory of Molecular Biology.


Mr Zeichner said:  “It was great to have Glenn with me here in Westminster. The Royal Society’s pairing scheme is a brilliant opportunity for politicians to show scientists how things are done in Parliament, and the contexts in which policies are developed. I’m certainly looking forward to going back to the Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge to learn more about the challenges facing scientists like Glenn.”


Dr Masson said: “The pairing scheme provided me with a chance to see first-hand the varied pressures on MPs at this turbulent time. I especially enjoyed seeing how policy can be created, altered and ultimately voted upon in Parliament. I would like to thank Daniel for his time and hope his visit to the Laboratory is equally illuminating.”


The Royal Society’s Pairing Scheme is in its 17th year this year.

Daniel Zeichner MP

MP for the City of Cambridge constituency.

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