Nano ePrint to deliver printed electronic greeting cards for Tigerprint


Nano ePrint Ltd, the pioneer in planar nano-electronics, has announced that it is developing all-printed electronic greeting cards in collaboration with Novalia Ltd, to a specification provided by Hallmark subsidiary Tigerprint Ltd.

The £300k project is supported by grant funding from The Northern Way, a joint initiative between the three northern UK Regional Development Agencies (Yorkshire Forward, Northwest Regional Development Agency and One NorthEast).

“Nano ePrint has overcome many of the obstacles delaying the successful introduction of printed electronics products; their unique programmable approach fits perfectly with the requirements for functional greeting cards and other novelty products such as toys and games,” said Mark Boyden, Technical Manager at Tigerprint.

Nano ePrint’s 2D nano-scale device technology dramatically simplifies the printing of electronic circuits, while simultaneously achieving over 10 times the performance and over 100 times the density of conventional printed electronics.

In addition, Nano ePrint’s architecture for printed programmable logic enables low-cost, high-volume manufacture of a generic circuit design, which can then be tailored for customer-specific requirements as it is integrated into downstream printing processes.

Novalia’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Kate Stone, commented: “The products being developed for Tigerprint are an ideal showcase for Novalia’s vision of Interactive Printed Media, enabled by Nano ePrint’s nearly invisible printed logic.”

Scott White, Chief Executive Officer of Nano ePrint, stated: “We are very pleased to be working with Tigerprint and Novalia to deliver novel product concepts based on our innovative printed programmable logic architecture, and look forward to seeing these products launched commercially.”


About Nano ePrint Ltd:
Nano ePrint was formed in 2006 following pioneering research at the University of Manchester, UK. Nano ePrint’s patented technology enables planar nano-electronic circuits that can uniquely be fabricated in a single layer of semiconductor via single-step patterning. Nano ePrint’s devices achieve very high speeds while dramatically reducing circuit size and simplifying manufacture. For further information please visit or contact Scott White on +44 7808 056894.

About Novalia Ltd:
Founded in 2004, Novalia is a pioneer and leader in the interactive printed electronics industry. Located in Cambridge Science Park in the UK, Novalia specializes in the art and science of “Interactive Printed Media” (IPM) − helping customers envision, create and market innovative products that are informative, fun and engaging. Novalia’s unique vision, printed electronics expertise, patent pending technology and strong network of partnerships helped the firm secure funding from venture capital firm Solon Ventures. Novalia works with clients at every phase of IPM product development, from proof of concept and design for manufacturability, right through to prototyping and full-scale production. For more information, visit or call +44 1223 437133.

About Tigerprint Ltd:
Formed in 1996, Tigerprint is a subsidiary company of Hallmark Cards (UK). Tigerprint have reputation for leading edge design and innovation, producing a wide range of products including greeting cards, gifting stationery, games, and children’s puzzles.

About The Northern Way:
The Northern Way is a unique initiative, bringing together the cities and regions of the North of England to work together to improve the sustainable economic development of the North. Formed as a partnership between the three northern Regional Development Agencies (Yorkshire Forward, Northwest Regional Development Agency and One NorthEast), The Northern Way also works with local authorities, universities, the private sector and other partners to secure a strong coalition in support of this goal. More information on the Northern Way can be found at .


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