NetConnect launches new check point accredited managed security service


, a leading independent systems integrator that specialises in solving complex e-commerce and network integration issues, has launched a new Managed Security Service.

The service, which uses Check Point Provider-1 to manage Internet security for large enterprise networks, will enable organisations to outsource responsibility for their Internet security to specialists with unrivalled knowledge of the latest technologies and threats. It will be run from NetConnect's Network Operations Centre in Cambridge, UK.

NetConnect has also been accredited as a member of Check Point's Certified Managed Service Providers (CCMSP) Program. The Program is part of Check Point Software's commitment to delivering carrier-class, flexible, manageable and cost effective solutions to telcos and ISPs.

As Internet-based transactions become critical to businesses of all sizes, it is not uncommon for each function of the organisation to require its own security policy and this is placing an intolerable strain on corporate IT departments, in particular where there are multiple business units within the group.

This is a trend that NetConnect has seen increasing evidence of and is one of the catalysts for the new service, according to Stephen Bacon, Managing Director of NetConnect. 'We are approaching an era where almost every business process can be Internet-based - this increases the opportunity for third-party access to internal systems and demands multiple security measures to ensure integrity. Many internal IT departments have neither the skills nor the resources to implement and manage these complex systems.'

'More and more of our clients have been turning to us to provide ongoing support for the maintenance of their security systems and to answer this requirement we have developed this new management service, ' he added.

Further evidence of the need for such as service has been identified at NetConnect's Check Point Authorised Training Centre (ATC). According to Tom Salkield, NetConnect Technical Director:

'Implementing security products is demanding for even the most competent of engineers. Over 50 per cent of delegates who attend the Check Point VPN-1/FireWall-1 authorised training course having previously configured the software themselves, finish the course with the intention of doing a complete reinstallation.

'The security issues become even more complex, when you start to integrate different manufacturers' products. Emerging standards will allow technologies from different sources to be used together, but implementing this in practice requires high levels of expertise as well as an in depth understanding of security needs,' he added.

'Many of our clients are showing considerable interest in outsourcing these specialist tasks. With Provider-1 we can manage the firewall remotely, providing a cost-effective and high quality service.'

Limor Bakal, Vice President of International Sales and Marketing, Check Point Software Technologies, considers the provision of managed services a key growth area:

'Outsourcing security to managed service providers such as NetConnect is an increasingly popular option for companies, since today's Internet and e-Business applications require more complex security policies and the skilled staff to manage those security policies. Check Point offers secure manageable, scalable and open solutions for the world of e-Business based on our Secure Virtual Network (SVN) Architecture.'

NetConnect's independence ensures that clients have access to unrivalled breadth and depth of expertise and knowledge. It has helped many large organisations, particularly in the City and financial sector with E-commerce projects, including the deployment of secure Internet banking and complex VPN infrastructures.

NetConnect Managed VPN-1/FireWall-1 Service provides protection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The service operates on a known fixed cost basis to aid budget control. The service is controlled from the Network Operation Centre in Cambridge where every event and process is managed with the best and latest in security solutions.