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Cambridge ideas change the world and Cambridge Network members are enjoying increasing exposure on the world stage. Here we provide links to some of the stories about Cambridge Network members covered recently in the local, national and international media.

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University of Cambridge

Video of the late Stephen Hawking (Gonville & Caius/DAMTP) reading 'Relativity' by Sarah Howe. Independent

Mike Murph (Cambridge Cardiovascular) discusses mitochondrial toxicity. Nature

Research co-authored by Sverre Aarseth (Institute of Astronomy) suggests that Scholz’s Star influenced the trajectories of some Oort Cloud objects. Gizmodo Sci News Hans India Astro Biology Magazine

Further coverage of a study led by Theresa Marteau (Behaviour and Health Research Unit) which found that the capacity of wine glasses has increased seven-fold over the past 300 years. Financial Times (subscription)

Further coverage of Meredith Crowley (Faculty of Economics) discussing Trump’s steel and aluminium tariffs. New York Times

Further coverage of a study led by Clive Oppenheimer (Department of Geography) dating a massive volcanic eruption which helped the Christianisation of Iceland more than a thousand years ago. Express

Further coverage of plans around the internment of Stephen Hawking's (Gonville & Caius/DAMTP) ashes in Westminster Abbey. Scientific American Manila Times Toronto Star 


Stephen Hawking's (Gonville & Caius/DAMTP) ashes will be interred next to Sir Isaac Newton in Westminster Abbey following his funeral at Great St Mary’s Church on 31 March. Telegraph Guardian Reuters Daily Mail Huffington Post Business Insider Space New Zealand Herald ABC Aol Yahoo Cambridge Independent

Coverage of the Department of Engineering's offer of a PhD project into the “Aerodynamics of Cricket-Ball Swing” in partnership with the England and Wales Cricket Board. Telegraph Yahoo Sydney Morning Herald Canberra Times

David Spiegelhalter (Statistical Laboratory) discusses coincidences. BBC Radio 4 - Seriously... (starts at 1m 50s)

Research led by Michael Anderson (Behavioural and Clinical Neuroscience Institute) suggests that intrusive thoughts may stem from a faulty brain mechanism responsible for blocking thoughts. Scientific American

Christopher Dobson and Matthias Dörrzapf (St John's College) discuss the College's educational exchange agreement with Chinese universities. Global Times XinhuaNet

Further coverage of an online game developed by Sander van der Linden (Department of Psychology) and Jon Roozenbeek (MML), which aims to help ‘inoculate’ against disinformation. Reuters

Further coverage of a study co-authored by Raymond Wightman (Sainsbury Laboratory), which discovered a rare mineral in alpine plants at Cambridge University Botanic Garden. Bioengineer

Further coverage of the Cambridge crews and Boat Race 2018. Cambridge Independent

Further coverage of new Gates Cambridge Scholars. MIT News


Seán Ó hÉigeartaigh (Centre for the Study of Existential Risk) discusses a report which shows artificial intelligence as a game changer in the next five to ten years. Independent

Research led by Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (Cambridge Judge Business School) shows that Innovative Finance ISAs have become increasingly popular as savers are looking for alternative ways to earn interest. Times (subscription)

Emily Ryley (Access Cambridge Archaeology) discusses a recent archaeological outreach event held at Brundall. Eastern Daily Press

University of Cambridge hosts a cyber security challenge which is designed to help address a growing skills gap in the cyber security industry. Business Weekly

Further coverage of a study led by Clive Oppenheimer (Department of Geography) dating a massive volcanic eruption which helped the Christianisation of Iceland more than a thousand years ago. Independent Times (subscription) Upi IFLScience Atlas Obscura Haaretz Iceland Monitor Cosmos Yahoo  

Further coverage of Duncan Maskell (Senior Pro-Vice-Chancellor) talking about the proposed development of the historic Old Press/Mill Lane area. Cambridge Independent

Further coverage of the Cambridge crews and Boat Race 2018. Independent Cambridge News Yahoo


Stephen Toope (Vice-Chancellor) discusses the strike and commercialisation of universities. Times (subscription)

Paper co-written by Stephen Hawking sets out a method by which the existence of other universes might be demonstrated. Times (subscription) Sunday Times (subscription) Independent Telegraph Metro Daily Mail Yahoo Times of India Msn South China Morning Post Inquisitr Inverse Deccan Chronicle LadBible Express News18

Study led by Clive Oppenheimer (Department of Geography) dates a massive volcanic eruption which helped the Christianisation of Iceland more than a thousand years ago. Telegraph

Barbara Sahakian (Department of Psychiatry), Camilla d'Angelo and George Savulich (BCNI) write about 'microdosing' LSD to increase creativity at workplace. Independent

Barbara Sahakian (Department of Psychiatry) discusses the use of ‘study drugs’. Times (subscription)

Stephen Hawking's PhD thesis has been viewed 250,000 times online since news of his death broke on Wednesday. BBC

Sophie Ellis (Institute of Criminology) discusses the state of prisons in England and Wales. iNews

Feature article on the new Simon Sainsbury Centre at Cambridge Judge Business School. Cambaridge Independent

Further coverage of Stephen Hawking (Gonville & Caius/DAMTP), renowned physicist, who died aged 76. Guardian Guardian Forbes Newsweek Telegraph Mashable Sky Sport Sky Rte Scientific American BBC BBC World Service - The Science Hour BBC World Service -Stephen Hawking - Infinite Wisdom Msn  

Further coverage of Cambridge Science Festival, which offers hundreds of events on offer over two weeks. Cambridge Independent Royston Crown

Further coverage of a study led by Vincent Gnanapragasam (Department of Oncology) which created a tool that calculates a man’s chances of dying from prostate cancer with 90 per cent accuracy. UPI

Further coverage of a study led by Poul Christoffersen and co-authored by Marion Bougamont (Scott Polar Research Institute) shows that chain reaction of fast-draining lakes poses new risk for Greenland ice sheet. IFLScience Digital Journal

Further coverage of a study authored by Ben Seymour (Department of Engineering) which builds a picture of why and how the brain decides to turn off pain in certain circumstances. MD Magazine

Further coverage of University of Cambridge offering apprenticeships at the postgraduate level in a selected range of professional fields. Business Weekly

Further coverage of the Cambridge crews and their training for Boat Race 2018. Cambridge News BBC


Marta Mirazon Lahr (Biological Anthropology) discusses a paper suggesting that humans developed advanced social behaviours and trade 100,000 years earlier than previously thought. BBC

Andy Martin (Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages) discusses the potential of second Cold War. Independent

Further coverage of a joint study with University College London  which finds that almost half of working-age adults in the UK have the numeracy levels expected of primary school children. Independent MoneySavingExpert Week Your Money Conversation

Further coverage of Stephen Hawking (Gonville & Caius/DAMTP), renowned physicist, who died aged 76. BBC One Washington Post New Yorker Economic Times iNews TES (subscription) Space International Business Times

Further coverage of a study led by Poul Christoffersen and co-authored by Marion Bougamont (Scott Polar Research Institute) shows that chain reaction of fast-draining lakes poses new risk for Greenland ice sheet. International Business Times Live Science

Further coverage of a study co-authored by Christine Lane (Department of Geography) which discovered a layer of microscopic glass shards in South Africa’s south coast from the Toba supervolcano eruption 74,000 years ago. Cosmos

Further coverage of the Cambridge crews for Boat Race 2018. Cambridge Independent


Further coverage of Stephen Hawking (Gonville & Caius/DAMTP), renowned physicist, who died aged 76. Guardian Guardian Cnn Nature IFLScience New Scientist BBC BBC BBC CBBC Newsround Telegraph Telegraph Independent Independent Itv New York Magazine Times Times (subscription) Guardian Forbes Daily Mail Science Astronomy Huffington Post Time Aljazeera Daily Mail Daily Mail Sydney Morning Herald Statesman ABC LabBible CTV Science Alert Express LiveMint Inquisitr Mirror Yahoo Evening Standard Sky Stuff City AM CBC Deccan Chronicle Inside Higher Ed Nation Indian Express Cambridge News Live Science New Zealand Herald Computing Infosurhoy Heavy Atlantic Space BuzzFeed Phys.Org Yahoo Msn Metro Cnet CNBC Mashable iNews Aol Inverse Vox BBC Radio 4 World Service - The Documentary BBC Radio 4 World - Update Radio 5 Live - In Short

Joint study with University College London finds that almost half of working-age adults in the UK have the numeracy levels expected of primary school children. Daily Mail Metro Msn

Study led by Poul Christoffersen (Scott Polar Research Institute) shows that chain reaction of fast-draining lakes poses new risk for Greenland ice sheet. International Business Times Daily Mail Upi Infosurhoy

Jennifer Chisholm (Department of Sociology) writes about black academics being directed to study race. Guardian

Further coverage of a paper co-authored by Olimpia Onelli (Department of Chemistry) uses beetle scales to develop a super-thin, non-toxic, lightweight, edible ultra-white coating. Infosurhoy

Further coverage of a study authored by Simon Baron-Cohen and Varun Warrier (Autism Research Centre) which found that genes influence how empathetic people are. Metro


Stephen Hawking (Gonville & Caius), renowned physicist, dies aged 76. BBC BBC Telegraph Independent Guardian Times Itv Itv Reuters Reuters New York Times Washington Post Fox News Yahoo BBC Radio 4 Desert Island Discs Financial Times (subscription) Wired Daily Mail Daily Mail Metro Sun Msn Quartz US Today CBS NDTV SBS International Business Times Business Insider Hindu Times of India Bustle Newsweek Cambridge Independent Cambridge News

Paper co-authored by Olimpia Onelli (Department of Chemistry) uses beetle scales to develop a super-thin, non-toxic, lightweight, edible ultra-white coating. ZME Science Gizmodo

John Nilsson-Wright (Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies) discusses what impact the promise of US President meeting with North Korean leader has had on Japan's government. BBC

Susanne Hakenbeck (Department of Archaeology) comments on new study about modified skulls. National Geographic

Further coverage of a study co-authored by Christine Lane (Department of Geography) which discovered a layer of microscopic glass shards in South Africa’s south coast from the Toba supervolcano eruption 74,000 years ago. Scientist

Further coverage of the Cambridge crews for Boat Race 2018. Cambridge Independent Cambridge News

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi: Four fantastic projects that show what's possible with the $35 board
The Raspberry Pi family of computers had another stellar year in 2017, with more than 17 million boards sold and the $10 Raspberry Pi Zero W released. In its annual review for the year, the charitable foundation behind the tiny board, the Raspberry Pi Foundation, highlighted successes...

This robo-fish runs on a Raspberry Pi and swims through coral reefs
Some fish are almost impossible for scientists to observe: the Greenland shark, which can live for more than 400 years, was caught on camera for the first time this month. Tracking marine animal can be complex but robotics may make getting close to them easier. The latest fish-monitoring creation i

Pi Foundation Releases Refreshed $35 Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+
PC Perspective
The Raspberry Pi Foundation recently released the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ with refreshed hardware. The new single board computer retains its predecessor's $35 price tag while including a tweaked SoC with faster clockspeeds and improved power management as well as moves to modern Gigabit ..

Raspberry Pi overheating? Here's how to stop it says Microsoft
Raspberry Pi overheating? ... Microsoft has released a tutorial on how to stop the $35 credit card-sized Raspberry Pi computer from overheating.

Quick test on pinprick of blood could help stop Ebola in its tracks
Chemistry World
Portable Raspberry Pi-based device accurately detects viruses in micro droplet of whole blood...
Improved model of the Pi-Top modular laptop is now available
The Raspberry Pi was first introduced years ago as a tool to promote coding. The price point was affordable and it had the ability to accept different components to expand its original feature set. This has led to many unique projects, one of which, is the Pi-Top modular laptop.
Right Now You Can Grab 50% Off on All of Our ScienceAlert Academy Course Bundles
The Raspberry Pi Mastery Bundle gives you eight courses, where you'll learn how to automate your home, build your own armbot, mine bitcoin...

 pi-top gets kids building modular laptops
New Atlas
The brains of the operation is a Raspberry Pi 3 with custom Cooling Bridge, which brings a 1.2 GHz quad-core ARM processor, 1 GB of RAM, HDMI ...

Raspberry Pi 3 slim sacrifices functionality for sized-down 7mm form
The Inquirer
A MODDER has created the 'Raspberry Pi 3 Slim', a sized-down version of the pocket PC that measures in at just 7mm thick.

Raspberry Pi Integrator Programme Introduced
Geeky Gadgets
Today the Raspberry Pi Foundation has introduced the Raspberry Pi Integrator Program to help companies develop safe and legal products powered by the Raspberry Pi mini PC.

This playable Raspberry Pi guitar goes up to 12…12 feet tall that is
Developer Chris Riebschlager and the people at Dimensional Innovations have created a playable Raspberry Pi guitar that stands at 12 feet (3.6 metres) tall for the Boulevardia music festival.

American Canyon students give climate change the Raspberry (Pi)
Napa Valley Register
Physics teacher Daniel Rosales shows off a modified Raspberry Pi computer that someday may measure greenhouse gases in the Napa Valley.

Using PiSound The Raspberry Pi Sound Card HAT (video)
Geeky Gadgets
Musicians looking for an affordable way to help create music may be interested in the Raspberry Pi mini PC and its Pisound HAT which transforms ...

MagPi launches DIY kit to make a AI hub with the Raspberry Pi
Last week, The MagPi released the latest issue of its magazine along with a free DIY project kit to build a smart hub powered by Google Assistant. Tech enthusiasts need only a Raspberry Pi board to set up the project.

Somebody Turned a Vintage TV into the Ultimate Retro Video Game Machine
We've long been fans of the Raspberry Pi, the miniature and inexpensive computer that can allow you to make just about anything you can imagine...

Raspberry Pi in the sky: How to build this awesome $115 airplane tracker
This homemade device delivers information about a plane's altitude, speed, and destination directly to your smartphone or tablet.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Released For Raspberry Pi 3
Microsoft has finally launched the much anticipated Anniversary Update for the Windows 10 IoT core, which was released in August last year. Notably, the Windows 10 IoT core is now officially available for the Raspberry Pi 3 with some notable changes.
Raspberry Pi Sense HAT Emulator Now Available
Geeky Gadgets
Over the past few months the Raspberry Pi Foundation has been working closely with startup development company Trinket, to develop a web-based emulator for the Sense HAT.

Amadeus Capital Partners

Tech guru Hermann Hauser says drug giants are in denial
The Times (registration required)
Hermann Hauser, the founder of ARM Holdings, believes big pharma is poised for its own “Kodak moment” as healthcare moves away from drugs and towards artificial intelligence. 

Hauser, 69, who now leads Amadeus Capital Partners, was an early investor in the gene-sequencing company Solexa, which was sold to Illumina of the US for $600m in 2006. He regrets that Solexa — now part of a $32bn (£24bn) company — could not remain independent in the UK...

Brazil lures venture capital as startups defy economic malaise
Sequoia, Amadeus Capital Partners and Phenomen Ventures all say they expect to make more investments there this year. While China and India are the top developing-nation recipients of venture cash, Brazil's share of the total is rising.

Amadeus plans India entry this year, scouts for firms to invest in
Amadeus will invest in Indian firms that focus on mobile technology, financial services, digital media and online services

TechCrunch: ClickTale Secures $17 Million
Digital Media Wire
TechCrunch reports that analytics company ClickTale announced that it has secured $17 million in a round of funding, led by Amadeus Capital Partners, along with participation from Goldrock Capital and Viola Credit.

Technology entrepreneur and venture capitalist Hermann Hauser
The Engineer
Hermann Hauser knows more than most people about growing a successful business. The Austrian-born, Cambridge-based scientist, entrepreneur and grandee of the British computing industry has helped start seven companies including Acorn Computers and its spin-out ARM Holdings.

Amadeus mulls venture investments in China
Financial News (subscription)
Amadeus Capital Partners is considering making direct investments in companies in China, a move that industry figures said would make it the first major European venture capital firm to invest directly into the region.

Cambridge Medical Robotics

UK scientists create world’s smallest surgical robot to start a hospital revolution
The Observer
British scientists have developed the world’s smallest surgical robot which could transform everyday operations for tens of thousands of patients.


Meet Martina King: the human face of the rise of the machines
The Telegraph
Great technology does not always translate into great business. For Featurespace, a promising Cambridge University spin-out, there was plenty of trial and error before its eureka moment.

Taylor Wessing

Withers, Macfarlanes and Taylor Wessing shine in ranking of world’s top private client lawyers
Legal Week
Withers, Macfarlanes and Taylor Wessing are among the firms with the most partners named in a ranking of the world’s top 200 private client and trust lawyers, published by Legal Week

World’s largest and most controversial portrait competition goes digital
British Journal of Photography
National Portrait Gallery’s Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize innovates again by opening up the world-famous competition - with a £15,000 prize - to digital entries, as previous winners discuss how their careers took off despite the award’s ongoing controversial reputation.

‘A significant cultural shift’: Taylor Wessing to move to all equity partnership     
Legal Business (blog)
Taylor Wessing is set to convert into an all equity partnership on 1 May following a lengthy review and partnership vote held last week.

Taylor Wessing backs Oqyana real estate project
Trade Arabia  
International Law firm Taylor Wessing has announced its support for a major private floating island villas project that will come up on ‘The World Islands’ development in Dubai, UAE.  The exclusive villas project is being developed by Kuwait-based Oqyana Real Estate and floating island expert Dutch Docklands. A major highlight of the project will be its privacy as each private floating island will house just one villa - the pinnacle of exclusive island living.

Taylor Wessing launches diversity scheme to hit 25 per cent female partnership by 2018
The Lawyer
Taylor Wessing has traditionally performed badly compared to its top 20 peers when it comes to making up female partners.

Taylor Wessing advises Dame Vera Lynn on release of Ultimate Collection album
The Lawyer
Taylor Wessing has advised ‘Forces’ Sweetheart’ Dame Vera Lynn and her company on the release of previously unreleased recordings in a new album — Vera Lynn: National Treasure — The Ultimate Collection — celebrating her 90 years in show business.

Downton Abbey actors join Taylor Wessing in gala dinner for Changing Faces
The Lawyer
The stars of Downton Abbey joined Taylor Wessing for a gala dinner at the Bloomsbury Ballroom on 27 March, raising more than £70,000 for Changing Faces, a charity for people living with conditions, marks or scars that affect their appearance.

Taylor Wessing features in eprivateclient's Top 25 Most Admired Companies listing
The Lawyer
Taylor Wessing has been named one of eprivateclient's Top 25 Most Admired Companies

Johnson Matthey

Johnson Matthey: “inspiring science, enhancing life”
World Fertilizer
Johnson Matthey has revealed a refreshed brand identity. The new identity "inspiring science, enhancing life", reflects its position as a science-led company which has a major positive impact.

Johnson Matthey appoints Den Jones as new CFO
Financial Director
Den Jones, who recently served as interim CFO for oil and gas company BG Group, joins Johnson Matthey.

Opportunities on offer for young scientists
Gazette Live
TTE Technical Training Group joins forces with Johnson Matthey to launch 2014 Young Scientist Sponsored Undergraduate Programme...

Johnson Matthey, BASF, Umicore 'Lead Emission Control Catalyst Market'
Environmental Leader
Stringent regulations aimed at minimizing vehicle emissions have spurred the global emission control catalyst market, led by Johnson Matthey, BASF and Umicore in the mobile segment, and Cormetech in the stationary segment, according to Frost & Sullivan.

Johnson Matthey ends platinum review
Independent Online
London - Johnson Matthey, the world's top supplier of catalytic converters, said on Monday it would stop publishing its platinum review after 28 years of a report widely seen as the industry standard for platinum group metals.

Johnson Matthey adjusted pretax profit falls 19%
LONDON--Chemicals company Johnson Matthey PLC Wednesday reported that trading in the third quarter was challenging, with its adjusted pretax profit down 19% compared with the same period last year.

Johnson Matthey Q3 profit dips in tough markets
Reuters UK
LONDON (Reuters) - Platinum refiner Johnson Matthey PLC (JMAT.L) saw profits dip in the third quarter because of lower sales of catalysts for vehicle exhaust systems in the high-value diesel category in Europe and weaker demand in Japan.


PA Consulting Group

Best practices for harnessing the power of innovation management
With this in mind, a new study from PA Consulting Group has identified best practices companies can learn from innovation leaders. In recent years ...

PA Consulting to move to new corporate headquarters in London
PA Consulting has taken on a lease of two floors in the new Verde SW1 redevelopment project in the London West End.

PA Consulting Group names Jo Scarlett Chief Marketing Officer
Jo Scarlett has joined PA Consulting Group as Chief Marketing Officer. Scarlett, who transfers from BT, will lead PA's global marketing team ...

Marcus Agius appointed non-exec Chair of PA Consulting
Here Is The City
PA Consulting Group has announced the appointment of Marcus Agius as Non-Executive Chairman as of 1 January 2014.

Women Wanted: Breaking the Diversity Stalemate
Business Review USA
According to a research report from PA Consulting Group, gender diversity and organizational culture can play a critical role in achieving "performance magic" -- which is having both strong financial results and a high performing culture...

Up to 30 universities 'could close or face merger' because of government reforms and dwindling student numbers
The Independent
Up to 30 higher-education institutions could face closure or merger within the next few years, according to a survey of university leaders.  The survey, by the PA Consulting Group, reveals 77 per cent of the university leaders interviewed believed a number of universities will fail or go bankrupt as a result of government higher-education reforms and dwindling student applications.

Study From PA Consulting Group Rates Green Performance of Five Global ... GlobeNewswire (press release)
NEW YORK, March 6, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PA Consulting Group carried out a benchmarking study of a sample of five global automotive companies assessing their green performance. In this first of its kind study, Volkswagen emerged...


The factory for antibodies that offers a lifeline to scientists
The Telegraph
As you enter Abcam’s laboratories on the leafy outskirts of Cambridge, the company’s mascot, Molly the sheep, is everywhere to be seen.

ARM Holdings PLC

Japanese agree $31bn ARM acquisition
Business Weekly
Cambridge’s greatest ever technology business – chip architect ARM Holdings – is reportedly being sold to the Japanese for $31 billion (£23.4bn) – the largest deal in the UK cluster’s history by some distance and the biggest in European technology annals.

Japanese pledge to double ARM UK staff after $31bn acquisition
Business Weekly
SoftBank Group of Japan has promised to fund ongoing growth of ARM’s Cambridge HQ and double UK headcount in the next five years after the boards agreed a $31 billion (£24.3bn) cash takeover.

ARM founder says Softbank deal is 'sad day' for UK tech
The founder of ARM Holdings has told the BBC he believes its imminent sale to Japanese technology giant Softbank is "a sad day for technology in Britain".
Google Said to Mull Designing Server Chips in Threat to Intel
Google Inc. (GOOG:US) is considering designing its own server processors using technology from ARM Holdings Plc (ARM), a move that could threaten Intel ...

ARM, Sonics make interconnect licensing deal
EE Times
Sonics, a long-time vendor of on-chip networking intellectual property, has announced that processor IP licensor ARM has taken a license to the Sonics patent portfolio and that the move signals closer cooperation between the two companies on Sonics' next-generation on-chip interconnect offering.

Adoption of ARM big.LITTLE Technology Accelerates
4-traders (press release)
ARM today unveiled that its big.LITTLE processing technology has been adopted by many of the world's leading mobile chip manufacturers. Samsung and Renesas Mobile have already announced their plans, and subsequent implementations

Global Businesses Select ARM Mali GPU Technology ...
4-traders (press release)
ARM reveals the scale of success of its Mali Graphics processors technology, which is powering advanced graphics and user experiences across all types of smart devices from the workplace to the home. This growth is enabled by 75 licenses of the ARM® ...


RadBee queen Rina hooked on the Cambridge buzz
Cambridge Business
Radbee is the latest start-up to join the Cambridge life sciences cluster...

Philips Research

MIT Signs $25 Million Research Alliance with Private Partner
Campus Technology  
MIT has signed a five-year, $25 million deal with Dutch-company Royal Philips N.V. to support research initiatives in two of the company's primary areas, healthcare technology and digital lighting. In addition Philips will be moving its North American research headquarters from Briarcliff Manor, NY to Cambridge next to the MIT campus...

New research initiative to focus on ultrasound therapy
The Focused Ultrasound Foundation and Philips have entered into an innovative public-private collaboration with The Institute of Cancer Research, London, and The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust. The partnership will create a focal point for ultrasound therapy research...

Anglia Ruskin University

Allergan and Anglia Ruskin University collaborate
 Financial Express
To establish accredited Medical Aesthetics Training Programme in Asia-Pacific
Allergan, leading medical aesthetics company, has entered into a partnership with England’s Anglia Ruskin University to develop a master’s degree programme in non-invasive facial aesthetics for physicians practicing in the Asia-Pacific region.

Hauser's 'sixth wave' will see computers learn faster

Cambridge News
Hermann Hauser’s “5th Wave” talk at Anglia Ruskin University on Thursday took an unexpected turn when Dr Hauser introduced a “6th Wave” into proceedings, saying that the fifth wave of smartphones and cloud computing is now giving way to “ubiquitous computing and machine learning."

Business Network Services to be launched by Anglia Ruskin MedTech
Companies from across the medical technology sector will be offered improved access to the NHS and global markets when the Anglia Ruskin MedTech Campus launches its Business Network Services on Wednesday, 13 March.

Chelmsford: Anglia Ruskin University secures Willmott Dixon learning partnership
East Anglian Daily Times
“Partnering with Anglia Ruskin University is a significant step for us. We chose them because they support the core values of our company and I know they will strengthen our internal programmes.”

Marshall Group

Marshall Launchpad scheme to get Cambridgeshire children interested in engineering
Cambridge News
MARSHALL is used to putting helicopters on the launchpad, but now the aerospace company has set up a new initiative that it hopes will set young people on the path to careers in engineering. The Marshall Launchpad scholarship aims to provide support, experiences and opportunities of engineering and related topics for children and young people aged 8-18.


Going behind the infotainment scenes and behind the scenes again- RealVNC
RealVNC is running software behind the faceplate of a lot of in-dash infotainment systems so consumers can practice Dashboard Democracy...

RealVNC's VNC Viewer Drops From $9.99 To Free (Forever) In ...
Android Police
You can't spend all day sitting at the computer, but sometimes remote access is almost as good. VNC Viewer from Real VNC is a way for you to connect to a computer through any number of VNC clients, and it's pretty popular. However, it used to be a $10 app. Put your wallet away – it's free now.

RealVNC software on more than a billion devices
Business Weekly
RealVNC provides remote access software for desktop and mobile platforms enabling users to access and control one device from another.


Cambridge Network

My view on the Cambridge Network event with Marshall CEO Robert Marshall
Cambridge News
I’m a big fan of having access to an attendance list before a networking event, primarily so I can plan who I’d like to speak to and what I’d like to talk to them about, even if I don’t recognise any of the names on it. However, when I received the list prior to my Cambridge Network visit last week, I saw immediately how much of a challenge this would be as on the list was an incredible number of approximately 200 names registered to attend.

Cluster collaboration will fit the Bill
Cambridge News
Bill Parsons retired last week after 13 years as head of HR at ARM, and has just taken on the chairmanship of Cambridge Network – and he’s thinking big. Jenny Chapman profiles him after a chat at the Hauser Forum where CN is based

Microsoft Research

New 'white spaces' research from Microsoft and China makes it easier to find vacant spectrum
Network World
Identifying and using vacant "white space" spectrum for Wi-Fi may get simpler, more efficient, and cheaper thanks to a new project by Microsoft and a team of Chinese researchers.

Is Google searching for office space in Cambridge?
Cambridge News
Cambridge University sources have told the News they believe the centre would tap in to the university's pool of talented young postgraduates, and would be akin to the Microsoft Research offshoot in Station Road...

Disruptive technology under Cambridge microscope
Business Weekly
Cambridge technology greats will also be in attendance on the opening day of Nerve. Andrew Blake, director of the burgeoning Microsoft Research Laboratory in Cambridge addresses advances in computer science

Paper vs. E-Books: Science Answers All Your Questions
Mother Jones
"The implicit feel of where you are in a physical book turns out to be more important than we realized," says Abigail Sellen of Microsoft Research Cambridge in England and co-author of The Myth of the Paperless Office.

Microsoft Research HQ is 'lit up like Disney World'
Cambridge News
The headquarters of Microsoft Research has come under fire for resembling a ”seven-storey lighthouse” in the heart of Cambridge. The research arm of the computer giant is accused by sleepless residents of failing to turn lights off at night...

Red Gate Software
Cambridge-Singapore alliance launched with real deals
Business Weekly
Demonstrating that Cambridge has much to teach, as well as learn, Red Gate Software is jointly spearheading a mentoring programme for early stage and fast growth Singaporean tech entrepreneurs.

Red Gate Announces Simply Web Dev - Curated Guide for ASP.NET MVC
InfoQ talked to Chris Massey, Product Marketing Specialist, Red Gate Software to know more about Simply Web Dev portal...

Biggest ever trade delegation to India includes Cambridge names
Cambridge News
The largest ever Prime Ministerial trade delegation arrived in India today and among the companies and institutions represented are Marshall of Cambridge, Red Gate Software, and Cambridge University.



5 reasons why Unilever is so keen to invest in HUL
Unilever Plc's offer on Tuesday for an additional 22.5 percent stake in its Indian arm Hindustan Unilever (HUL) at a 20 percent premium took most by surprise. This is Unilever's biggest deal in as many as 13 years since it acquired Best Foods ...


Cambridge Temperature Concepts

Startup of the Week: DuoFertility Silicon Europe
DuoFertility is a medical device and software combination created by Cambridge Temperature Concepts. DuoFertility uses a patch sensor worn under the arm to measure a woman's body temperature automatically


BBC Today Programme – Quentin Tannock (Chairman, CambridgeIP): Interview 15th January 2013

BBC News: Surge in interest in 'wonder-material' Graphene

BBC online coverage: Graphene: Patent surge reveals global race

Telegraph online coverage: Graphene research moving abroad


Laptop with Raspberry Pi Inside Learns to Speak Battery


Early in November we took a look at a one of the best Raspberry Pi laptops we had ever seen, using the shell of a Sony VAIO. Laptops used to be hulking beasts, and that played into [Frank Adams'] hands as he got rid of the motherboard and had enough space to replace it with a Raspberry Pi and a few ...

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A Clear Christmas Tree Means More Lights!


A Raspberry Pi 3 and Arduino Uno make this in league with some pretty smart Christmas trees. MAX6968 5.5V constant-current LED driver chips and MOFSETs round out the control circuit. During the build, the central LED column provided a significant challenge — how often do you build a custom jig to ...

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New programs, partnerships, changes at library

The Republic

We continue to offer coding courses using Chromebooks, Raspberry Pi's and Ozobots. Ozobots are robots that follow commands made through basic coding. Finally, the library's Digital Underground continues to be a hub for digital music and video recording, Adobe Creative usage and 3D printing.

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Year In Review: Director Search, Many Activities Marked 2017 At CHB Library

The Newtown Bee

The class was instructed by Newtown resident and Darien High School's tech ed teacher Rich Reynolds, who had also taught students in previous weeks how to make light up “squishy circuits” out of Play-Doh and wires, as well as how to use the computer program called Raspberry Pi. The following ...

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#mydigitalmaker gathers momentum in efforts to create nation of digital producers

Digital News Asia

For example, starting in 2018 students in both Design Technology and SC students will have to work on micro controller kits such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi which means no student will be left out of learning how to use two of the most common versions of micro controllers.