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Cambridge ideas change the world and Cambridge Network members are enjoying increasing exposure on the world stage. Here we provide links to some of the stories about Cambridge Network members covered recently in the local, national and international media.

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University of Cambridge

Gerard Evan (Department of Biochemistry) discusses a study which demonstrates a link between the acquired and the inherited genetic changes that drive breast cancers. Medical Xpress

Study led by researchers at Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (Cambridge Judge Business School) focused on cryptocurrency and blockchain benchmarking. Bloomberg  

Craig Cessford (Department of Archaeology and Anthropology) speaks about the friary cemetery at New Museums Site. BBC Radio Cambridgeshire (starts at 1h 55m 25s)

Andy Martin (Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages) discusses how Donald Trump's hair reflects his personality and political leadership. Independent

Chris Coleridge (Cambridge Judge Business School) comments on entrepreneurship courses and why it’s important for students to be flexible. Guardian  

Further coverage of a study led by Sander van der Linden (Department of Psychology) which found that providing a small dose of misinformation when delivering facts helps build up resistance to misinformation and 'fake news'. Independent  Mirror  Huffington Post  Evening Standard  Yahoo News  CBC  ABC  Forbes  Irish Mirror  Irish Independent  Herald Scotland  Cambridge News  Hindu  New York Magazine  iflScience  Vice  iNews  Tech Crunch  Tech Times

Further coverage of Margaret Thatcher’s personal papers for the year 1986 open to the public at the Churchill Archives Centre. BBC  Times  Daily Mail  Express  Express  Cambridge News  Australian  

Paul Pharoah (Centre for Cancer Genetic Epidemiology) and David Spiegelhalter (Centre for Mathematical Sciences) discuss the recent health campaign around the cancer risks associated with eating browned toast and roast potatoes. BBC  Express  Buzz Feed  International Business Times  Yahoo News  Coach  Vancouver Sun  Liverpool Echo

Further coverage of a study co-authored by Edward Oughton (Cambridge Judge Business School) which focused on the consequences of solar-induced blackouts on Earth. USA Today  iTech Post


Study led by Sander van der Linden (Department of Psychology) found that providing a small dose of misinformation when delivering facts helps build up resistance to misinformation and 'fake news'. BBC  Huffington Post  International Business Times  Aberdeen Evening Press  Phys.Org  Yahoo  SBS  Psychology Today

Margaret Thatcher’s personal papers for the year 1986 open to the public at the Churchill Archives Centre. Guardian  Guardian  Times  iNews  Telegraph  Mirror  Mirror  Sun  Belfast Telegraph  Aol  Lancashire Telegraph     

David Spiegelhalter (Centre for Mathematical Sciences) discusses public health campaigns, such as the recent campaign around the cancer risks associated with eating browned toast and roast potatoes. BBC  BBC Today Programme (starts at 1hr 44min) Telegraph  Cambridge News  Full Fact

Andrea Ferrari (Cambridge Graphene Centre) and Margaret Wilkinson (Cambridge Enterprise) discuss the acquisition of University spin-out Cambridge Graphene. Business Weekly  New Electronics  

Feature on the North West Cambridge Development. Sunday Times (subscription required) 

Further coverage of a study co-authored by Edward Oughton (Cambridge Judge Business School) which focuses on the consequences of solar-induced blackouts on Earth. Indian Express  USA Today  Economic Times    

Further coverage of a study led by Angelo Di Bernardo and Jason Robinson (St John’s College) with Andrea Ferrari (Cambridge Graphene Centre) which found a way to trigger the innate ability of graphene to act as a superconductor. Tech Times  Latin Post 


Study led by Muzaffer Kaser (Behavioural and Clinical Neuroscience Institute) and Barbara Sahakian (Department of Psychiatry) shows that Modafinil, a drug used to treat narcolepsy, can improve memory in patients recovering from depression. Business Weekly  Tech Times  Fox News   

Ottoline Leyser (Sainsbury Laboratory) and students at Trinity College discuss Theresa May's Brexit speech. ITV News

Hannah Rowland (Department of Zoology) discusses the Puss Moth Caterpillar. BBC One (starts at 24m 26s)

Further coverage of a study co-authored by Rufus Johnstone (Department of Zoology) which indicates that competition between orca mothers and daughters could explain the purpose of menopause. British Journal

Further coverage of a study co-authored by David Stilwell (Psychometrics Centre) which finds that people who swear are more honest. Cambridge News  Science Daily Times of India

Further coverage of the new Lego Professor of Play role. BBC  Metro  Huffington Post  Cambridge News

Further coverage of study co-authored by Christopher Dobson (Department of Chemistry/St John’s College) and Michele Vendruscolo (Department of Chemistry) which found that squalamine slows down the formation of the toxins associated with Parkinson’s Disease, and also makes them less toxic Bioscience Technology


Study co-authored by Christopher Dobson (Department of Chemistry/St John’s College) and Michele Vendruscolo (Department of Chemistry) found that squalamine slows down the formation of the toxins associated with Parkinson’s Disease, and also makes them less toxic. Telegraph  Business Weekly  Mirror  Sun  RTE  Medical Xpress  Science Mag  Cambridge News  Scottish Sun  Irish Mirror

Anna Vignoles (Faculty of Education) discusses the value of play in learning and the new Lego Professor of Play role. Guardian

Richard Friend (Cavendish Laboratory) discusses a new initiative launched at the Maxwell Centre, which is designed to serve as a catalyst for entrepreneurship. Business Weekly  

Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz (Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience) discusses extending the legal limit to allow experiments on embryos beyond 14 days of development. BBC

Cambridge Enterprise and the University of Cambridge Enterprise Fund have invested £500k in a spin-out, Polypharmakos Limited, which will tackle the emerging global antimicrobial resistance (AMR) crisis. Business Weekly

Study conducted by Sandra Matz (Department of Psychology), Joe Gladstone and David Stillwell (Cambridge Judge Business School) found that people spending more of their money on things that correlated with the growth of their personality types were happier in the long run. Elle  

Wendy Ayres-Bennett (Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages) discusses how language learning would help social cohesion in the UK. Cambridge News

Further coverage of a study co-authored by David Stilwell (Psychometrics Centre) which finds that people who swear are more honest.


Study led by Ross Anderson (Computer Laboratory) shows that fraud victims belonging to ethnic minorities are less likely to receive a refund by their bank than white customers. Guardian

A new book, Climate Change, co-authored by Emily Shuckburgh (Darwin College) was launched yesterday. Daily Mail  Sun  Business Insider  Express  Yahoo Mail  Tech Times

Giles Yeo (Metabolic Research Laboratories) discusses healthy eating. BBC (starts at 33m 06s)

Theresa Marteau (Behaviour and Health Research Unit) discusses how changing the environment at workplace could motivate individuals to change their behaviour to live healthier. Financial Times

Andy Martin (Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages) discusses the philosophy of disappointment. Independent

Rachel Lawrence (Department of Land Economy) discusses increasing levels of debt per farm and viability of farming in the UK. East Anglian Daily Times

Feature article on EDSAC, one of the first computers used for scientific work at Cambridge in 1940s. BBC

Further coverage of a study co-authored by Rufus Johnstone (Department of Zoology) which indicates that competition between orca mothers and daughters could explain the purpose of menopause. Guardian


Study co-authored by Rufus Johnstone (Department of Zoology) indicates that competition between orca mothers and daughters could explain the purpose of menopause. International Business Times  Science Daily  Quartz   

Research led by Sam Wass (Department of Psychology) suggests that unscheduled down-time can be as beneficial for children as structured activities. Telegraph  

Ross Anderson (Computer Laboratory) discusses the use of artificially intelligent medical advisers and the digitisation of personal health information. Financial Times

Andy Neely (Institute for Manufacturing) discusses manufacturing jobs in the UK and how value could be added by combining manufacturing with a maintenance service. Economist

Sophie Jackson (Department of Chemistry) discusses the creation of the most complex molecular knot. New Scientist

Jon Crowcroft (Computer Laboratory) comments on a recently discovered Twitter botnet. New Scientist  Business Insider Australia


The factory for antibodies that offers a lifeline to scientists
The Telegraph
As you enter Abcam’s laboratories on the leafy outskirts of Cambridge, the company’s mascot, Molly the sheep, is everywhere to be seen.

PA Consulting Group

PA Consulting to move to new corporate headquarters in London
PA Consulting has taken on a lease of two floors in the new Verde SW1 redevelopment project in the London West End.

PA Consulting Group names Jo Scarlett Chief Marketing Officer
Jo Scarlett has joined PA Consulting Group as Chief Marketing Officer. Scarlett, who transfers from BT, will lead PA's global marketing team ...

Marcus Agius appointed non-exec Chair of PA Consulting
Here Is The City
PA Consulting Group has announced the appointment of Marcus Agius as Non-Executive Chairman as of 1 January 2014.

Women Wanted: Breaking the Diversity Stalemate
Business Review USA
According to a research report from PA Consulting Group, gender diversity and organizational culture can play a critical role in achieving "performance magic" -- which is having both strong financial results and a high performing culture...

Up to 30 universities 'could close or face merger' because of government reforms and dwindling student numbers
The Independent
Up to 30 higher-education institutions could face closure or merger within the next few years, according to a survey of university leaders.  The survey, by the PA Consulting Group, reveals 77 per cent of the university leaders interviewed believed a number of universities will fail or go bankrupt as a result of government higher-education reforms and dwindling student applications.

Study From PA Consulting Group Rates Green Performance of Five Global ... GlobeNewswire (press release)
NEW YORK, March 6, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PA Consulting Group carried out a benchmarking study of a sample of five global automotive companies assessing their green performance. In this first of its kind study, Volkswagen emerged...

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi in the sky: How to build this awesome $115 airplane tracker
This homemade device delivers information about a plane's altitude, speed, and destination directly to your smartphone or tablet.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Released For Raspberry Pi 3
Microsoft has finally launched the much anticipated Anniversary Update for the Windows 10 IoT core, which was released in August last year. Notably, the Windows 10 IoT core is now officially available for the Raspberry Pi 3 with some notable changes.
Raspberry Pi Sense HAT Emulator Now Available
Geeky Gadgets
Over the past few months the Raspberry Pi Foundation has been working closely with startup development company Trinket, to develop a web-based emulator for the Sense HAT.

Bring analog cameras to the digital age with 3D printed 'I'm Back' Raspberry Pi case (blog)
Either you or your parents definitely have one laying around in a box somewhere: one of those cool, old-fashioned analog Kodak or Nikon cameras that rely on endless rolls of film. It seems almost impossible to imagine now, but taking a photo was so much more difficult just two decades ago. Thanks to a new Kickstarter project, even those old cameras can take digital photos. It’s called the ‘I'm Back’ case, and essentially involves a 3D printed case carrying Raspberry Pi. The classic camera is simply slotted into place, and can suddenly take photos that are digitally stored.

Build Your Own Raspberry Pi-Powered Telescope
Lifehacker Australia
Telescopes are great, and while you can snag a decent one for relatively cheap, making your own is always more fun. If you don't mind putting in a bit ...

3D printing hands on: Adding a case and a camera to the Raspberry Pi and LulzBot Mini
When I bought the Raspberry Pi kit from Amazon, I decided not to get one of the very inexpensive cases that came with some of the kits..
Learn to Code (& teach!) for FREE with FUZE BASIC
In 2013 FUZE Technologies Ltd launched the FUZE for Raspberry Pi. The FUZE is an award winning and highly respected personal computer ...
Earthquake enthusiast? Raspberry Shake is your personal seismograph
Digital Trends
... sensor coupled to a modern digitizer and ARM processor,” this pint-sized (actually, even smaller) seismograph sits atop any Raspberry Pi board.

Raspberry Pi 3 review | TrustedReviews
The Raspberry Pi 3 is the latest version of the circuit-board computer that caused such a fuss in 2012. This is the most powerful version of the Pi...

Apple Introduces Their Answer To The Raspberry Pi
Today, Apple has announced their latest bit of hardware. Following in the tradition of the Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, and the Intel Edison...

Roll Your Own Amazon Echo on a Raspberry Pi
Speech recognition coupled with AI is the new hotness. Amazon's Echo is a pretty compelling device, for a largish chunk of change...

Raspberry Pi gets shields for IoT
Electronics Weekly (blog)
Using any 40-Pin GPIO version of the Raspberry Pi, the 502IoT creates a low cost, sensor hub, data collection, data storage and gateway device.

Where Are The Raspberry Pi Zeros?  
The Raspberry Pi Zero is a game changer, but it is not the only game changer on the market. In fact the question of whether it is on the market or not is an important one.

Build a Little Text-to-Speech Machine with a Raspberry Pi  
Ever wanted your Raspberry Pi to talk to you? Adafruit has a guide for adding speech synthesis to a Pi so it can say all kinds of things.

New Angle on Raspberry Pi Zero Hub  
The Raspberry Pi Zero contest is presented by Hackaday and Adafruit. Prizes include Raspberry Pi Zeros from Adafruit and gift cards

Starting a business? Tech entrepreneurs share their 9 tips for success
Why work for someone else when you can make your own dream come true? The appeal of starting your own business is clear: work on something you’re passionate about and, if successful, potentially bank a couple of million pounds in the process.

Yet, for every Raspberry Pi, Skyscanner or Huddle, there are plenty more that don’t succeed.

Gravity Pong Reaches Into the Sky
...The game is controlled by a Raspberry Pi 2 which controls a Pixelpusher to manipulate the LEDs.

Build Your Own Raspberry Pi-Powered Interactive Pet
Part of the appeal of the Raspberry Pi is how easy it is to get kids into coding. Case in point, Geek Gurl Diaries shows you how to build an interactive pixel pet that senses when you shake it using a Raspberry Pi and a few lines of Python.

Create Your Own Stop Motion Movie With a Custom Raspberry Pi Film Rig
Shooting and combining the thousands of still frames required for a stop motion movie can be tedious, but this custom rig made from a Raspberry Pi can make the production process run a lot smoother.

The Starforce Pi Is A Portable, All-In-One Retro Gaming Machine  
Kotaku Australia
The Raspberry Pi seems to have become the go-to mini-computer of choice for emulation enthusiasts.

Start-up makes x86 software run fast on Raspberry Pi and Odroid  
Electronics Weekly (blog)
A Moscow-based start-up says it has made it even easier to run thousands of x86-compatible applications available in the Raspberry Pi ecosystem.
Raspberry Pi 2 Handheld Games Emulator  
Geeky Gadgets
Thingyverse user MrGunnerman has created a new Raspberry Pi 2 portable game system which has been named the VertBoy.

The Raspberry Pi is succeeding in ways its makers almost imagined
The Register
Kids don't want to code. They want to solve problems us oldies can't perceive...

Now You Can Buy The Raspberry Pi HAT That Went Into Space  
OK it hasn't actually got to space just yet but it is on its way. When the Sense HAT was announced everyone seemed envious that this multifunction add-on board was available to space men but not to us IoT men. Now it is and for just $30.

Pimoroni Piano Raspberry Pi HAT
Geeky Gadgets
Adafruit has added a new addition to their range of electronic Raspberry Pi HATs, announcing the availability of the new Pimoroni Piano HAT specifically designed for the Pi mini PC.

Of Raspberry Pi and CSI: how portable DNA analysis tools are helping police forensics, agriculture and medicine  

Build A Touchscreen Music Player With A Raspberry Pi
Lifehacker Australia 
We’ve seen plenty of ways to turn a Raspberry Pi into a handy music player. Instructables user mkarvonen shows off how to add a touchscreen into the mix so you can also easily control that music right from the Pi.

DIY 3D Printed Raspberry Pi Action Camera (video)
Geeky Gadgets
But if you fancy creating your very own action camera, using a Raspberry Pi mini PC and a 3D printer, Conor Yamada has created a compact design ...

Can a $35 Computer Save Engineering Education?
Automation World  
A look at how inexpensive, open-source hardware, software, and computer games are fighting the engineering skills crisis.

ARM Holdings PLC

Japanese agree $31bn ARM acquisition
Business Weekly
Cambridge’s greatest ever technology business – chip architect ARM Holdings – is reportedly being sold to the Japanese for $31 billion (£23.4bn) – the largest deal in the UK cluster’s history by some distance and the biggest in European technology annals.

Japanese pledge to double ARM UK staff after $31bn acquisition
Business Weekly
SoftBank Group of Japan has promised to fund ongoing growth of ARM’s Cambridge HQ and double UK headcount in the next five years after the boards agreed a $31 billion (£24.3bn) cash takeover.

ARM founder says Softbank deal is 'sad day' for UK tech
The founder of ARM Holdings has told the BBC he believes its imminent sale to Japanese technology giant Softbank is "a sad day for technology in Britain".
Google Said to Mull Designing Server Chips in Threat to Intel
Google Inc. (GOOG:US) is considering designing its own server processors using technology from ARM Holdings Plc (ARM), a move that could threaten Intel ...

ARM, Sonics make interconnect licensing deal
EE Times
Sonics, a long-time vendor of on-chip networking intellectual property, has announced that processor IP licensor ARM has taken a license to the Sonics patent portfolio and that the move signals closer cooperation between the two companies on Sonics' next-generation on-chip interconnect offering.

Adoption of ARM big.LITTLE Technology Accelerates
4-traders (press release)
ARM today unveiled that its big.LITTLE processing technology has been adopted by many of the world's leading mobile chip manufacturers. Samsung and Renesas Mobile have already announced their plans, and subsequent implementations

Global Businesses Select ARM Mali GPU Technology ...
4-traders (press release)
ARM reveals the scale of success of its Mali Graphics processors technology, which is powering advanced graphics and user experiences across all types of smart devices from the workplace to the home. This growth is enabled by 75 licenses of the ARM® ...


RadBee queen Rina hooked on the Cambridge buzz
Cambridge Business
Radbee is the latest start-up to join the Cambridge life sciences cluster...

Philips Research

MIT Signs $25 Million Research Alliance with Private Partner
Campus Technology  
MIT has signed a five-year, $25 million deal with Dutch-company Royal Philips N.V. to support research initiatives in two of the company's primary areas, healthcare technology and digital lighting. In addition Philips will be moving its North American research headquarters from Briarcliff Manor, NY to Cambridge next to the MIT campus...

New research initiative to focus on ultrasound therapy
The Focused Ultrasound Foundation and Philips have entered into an innovative public-private collaboration with The Institute of Cancer Research, London, and The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust. The partnership will create a focal point for ultrasound therapy research...

Amadeus Capital Partners

Brazil lures venture capital as startups defy economic malaise
Sequoia, Amadeus Capital Partners and Phenomen Ventures all say they expect to make more investments there this year. While China and India are the top developing-nation recipients of venture cash, Brazil's share of the total is rising.

Amadeus plans India entry this year, scouts for firms to invest in
Amadeus will invest in Indian firms that focus on mobile technology, financial services, digital media and online services

TechCrunch: ClickTale Secures $17 Million
Digital Media Wire
TechCrunch reports that analytics company ClickTale announced that it has secured $17 million in a round of funding, led by Amadeus Capital Partners, along with participation from Goldrock Capital and Viola Credit.

Technology entrepreneur and venture capitalist Hermann Hauser
The Engineer
Hermann Hauser knows more than most people about growing a successful business. The Austrian-born, Cambridge-based scientist, entrepreneur and grandee of the British computing industry has helped start seven companies including Acorn Computers and its spin-out ARM Holdings.

Amadeus mulls venture investments in China
Financial News (subscription)
Amadeus Capital Partners is considering making direct investments in companies in China, a move that industry figures said would make it the first major European venture capital firm to invest directly into the region.

Taylor Wessing

‘A significant cultural shift’: Taylor Wessing to move to all equity partnership     
Legal Business (blog)
Taylor Wessing is set to convert into an all equity partnership on 1 May following a lengthy review and partnership vote held last week.

Taylor Wessing backs Oqyana real estate project
Trade Arabia  
International Law firm Taylor Wessing has announced its support for a major private floating island villas project that will come up on ‘The World Islands’ development in Dubai, UAE.  The exclusive villas project is being developed by Kuwait-based Oqyana Real Estate and floating island expert Dutch Docklands. A major highlight of the project will be its privacy as each private floating island will house just one villa - the pinnacle of exclusive island living.

Taylor Wessing launches diversity scheme to hit 25 per cent female partnership by 2018
The Lawyer
Taylor Wessing has traditionally performed badly compared to its top 20 peers when it comes to making up female partners.

Taylor Wessing advises Dame Vera Lynn on release of Ultimate Collection album
The Lawyer
Taylor Wessing has advised ‘Forces’ Sweetheart’ Dame Vera Lynn and her company on the release of previously unreleased recordings in a new album — Vera Lynn: National Treasure — The Ultimate Collection — celebrating her 90 years in show business.

Downton Abbey actors join Taylor Wessing in gala dinner for Changing Faces
The Lawyer
The stars of Downton Abbey joined Taylor Wessing for a gala dinner at the Bloomsbury Ballroom on 27 March, raising more than £70,000 for Changing Faces, a charity for people living with conditions, marks or scars that affect their appearance.

Taylor Wessing features in eprivateclient's Top 25 Most Admired Companies listing
The Lawyer
Taylor Wessing has been named one of eprivateclient's Top 25 Most Admired Companies

Anglia Ruskin University

Allergan and Anglia Ruskin University collaborate
 Financial Express
To establish accredited Medical Aesthetics Training Programme in Asia-Pacific
Allergan, leading medical aesthetics company, has entered into a partnership with England’s Anglia Ruskin University to develop a master’s degree programme in non-invasive facial aesthetics for physicians practicing in the Asia-Pacific region.

Hauser's 'sixth wave' will see computers learn faster

Cambridge News
Hermann Hauser’s “5th Wave” talk at Anglia Ruskin University on Thursday took an unexpected turn when Dr Hauser introduced a “6th Wave” into proceedings, saying that the fifth wave of smartphones and cloud computing is now giving way to “ubiquitous computing and machine learning."

Business Network Services to be launched by Anglia Ruskin MedTech
Companies from across the medical technology sector will be offered improved access to the NHS and global markets when the Anglia Ruskin MedTech Campus launches its Business Network Services on Wednesday, 13 March.

Chelmsford: Anglia Ruskin University secures Willmott Dixon learning partnership
East Anglian Daily Times
“Partnering with Anglia Ruskin University is a significant step for us. We chose them because they support the core values of our company and I know they will strengthen our internal programmes.”

Marshall Group

Marshall Launchpad scheme to get Cambridgeshire children interested in engineering
Cambridge News
MARSHALL is used to putting helicopters on the launchpad, but now the aerospace company has set up a new initiative that it hopes will set young people on the path to careers in engineering. The Marshall Launchpad scholarship aims to provide support, experiences and opportunities of engineering and related topics for children and young people aged 8-18.


David Cameron set to appoint bankers as UK business ambassadors
The Telegraph
David Cameron is set to appoint Douglas Flint, chairman of HSBC, and Ana Botin, chief executive of Santander UK, as business ambassadors for the UK

Cameron Chooses Santander’s Ana Botín to Stir Up the City
The Corner
Ana Botín will now be part of a first level team in David Cameron’s government, which will stand up for Brand London as international financial centre.

Board appointed to help UK's world class financial services grow
Government teams up with the UK’s world leading financial services industry to help deliver growth across the country.


Going behind the infotainment scenes and behind the scenes again- RealVNC
RealVNC is running software behind the faceplate of a lot of in-dash infotainment systems so consumers can practice Dashboard Democracy...

RealVNC's VNC Viewer Drops From $9.99 To Free (Forever) In ...
Android Police
You can't spend all day sitting at the computer, but sometimes remote access is almost as good. VNC Viewer from Real VNC is a way for you to connect to a computer through any number of VNC clients, and it's pretty popular. However, it used to be a $10 app. Put your wallet away – it's free now.

RealVNC software on more than a billion devices
Business Weekly
RealVNC provides remote access software for desktop and mobile platforms enabling users to access and control one device from another.

Johnson Matthey

Johnson Matthey appoints Den Jones as new CFO
Financial Director
Den Jones, who recently served as interim CFO for oil and gas company BG Group, joins Johnson Matthey.

Opportunities on offer for young scientists
Gazette Live
TTE Technical Training Group joins forces with Johnson Matthey to launch 2014 Young Scientist Sponsored Undergraduate Programme...

Johnson Matthey, BASF, Umicore 'Lead Emission Control Catalyst Market'
Environmental Leader
Stringent regulations aimed at minimizing vehicle emissions have spurred the global emission control catalyst market, led by Johnson Matthey, BASF and Umicore in the mobile segment, and Cormetech in the stationary segment, according to Frost & Sullivan.

Johnson Matthey ends platinum review
Independent Online
London - Johnson Matthey, the world's top supplier of catalytic converters, said on Monday it would stop publishing its platinum review after 28 years of a report widely seen as the industry standard for platinum group metals.

Johnson Matthey adjusted pretax profit falls 19%
LONDON--Chemicals company Johnson Matthey PLC Wednesday reported that trading in the third quarter was challenging, with its adjusted pretax profit down 19% compared with the same period last year.

Johnson Matthey Q3 profit dips in tough markets
Reuters UK
LONDON (Reuters) - Platinum refiner Johnson Matthey PLC (JMAT.L) saw profits dip in the third quarter because of lower sales of catalysts for vehicle exhaust systems in the high-value diesel category in Europe and weaker demand in Japan.


Cambridge Network

My view on the Cambridge Network event with Marshall CEO Robert Marshall
Cambridge News
I’m a big fan of having access to an attendance list before a networking event, primarily so I can plan who I’d like to speak to and what I’d like to talk to them about, even if I don’t recognise any of the names on it. However, when I received the list prior to my Cambridge Network visit last week, I saw immediately how much of a challenge this would be as on the list was an incredible number of approximately 200 names registered to attend.

Cluster collaboration will fit the Bill
Cambridge News
Bill Parsons retired last week after 13 years as head of HR at ARM, and has just taken on the chairmanship of Cambridge Network – and he’s thinking big. Jenny Chapman profiles him after a chat at the Hauser Forum where CN is based

Microsoft Research

New 'white spaces' research from Microsoft and China makes it easier to find vacant spectrum
Network World
Identifying and using vacant "white space" spectrum for Wi-Fi may get simpler, more efficient, and cheaper thanks to a new project by Microsoft and a team of Chinese researchers.

Is Google searching for office space in Cambridge?
Cambridge News
Cambridge University sources have told the News they believe the centre would tap in to the university's pool of talented young postgraduates, and would be akin to the Microsoft Research offshoot in Station Road...

Disruptive technology under Cambridge microscope
Business Weekly
Cambridge technology greats will also be in attendance on the opening day of Nerve. Andrew Blake, director of the burgeoning Microsoft Research Laboratory in Cambridge addresses advances in computer science

Paper vs. E-Books: Science Answers All Your Questions
Mother Jones
"The implicit feel of where you are in a physical book turns out to be more important than we realized," says Abigail Sellen of Microsoft Research Cambridge in England and co-author of The Myth of the Paperless Office.

Microsoft Research HQ is 'lit up like Disney World'
Cambridge News
The headquarters of Microsoft Research has come under fire for resembling a ”seven-storey lighthouse” in the heart of Cambridge. The research arm of the computer giant is accused by sleepless residents of failing to turn lights off at night...

Red Gate Software
Cambridge-Singapore alliance launched with real deals
Business Weekly
Demonstrating that Cambridge has much to teach, as well as learn, Red Gate Software is jointly spearheading a mentoring programme for early stage and fast growth Singaporean tech entrepreneurs.

Red Gate Announces Simply Web Dev - Curated Guide for ASP.NET MVC
InfoQ talked to Chris Massey, Product Marketing Specialist, Red Gate Software to know more about Simply Web Dev portal...

Biggest ever trade delegation to India includes Cambridge names
Cambridge News
The largest ever Prime Ministerial trade delegation arrived in India today and among the companies and institutions represented are Marshall of Cambridge, Red Gate Software, and Cambridge University.


PathoGenetix Advances Commercialization of New RESOLUTION Microbial Genotyping System for Rapid Bacterial Serotyping and Strain Typing
San Francisco Chronicle
PathoGenetix’s technology and development partner, Sagentia, will be completing the assembly and testing of the remaining “alpha” RESOLUTION instruments in their Cambridge, UK location, with anticipated completion in May.

Sagentia Leads Discussion on Consumer-Driven Design at BIOMEDevice ...
Sagentia Inc., a global technology and product development company, and its industrial design subsidiary Quadro Design Ltd, are today co-presenting to senior medical device experts on ‘consumer-driven design concepts and developments’ at the BIOMEDevice conference in Boston.

The Future of Medical Devices
Today's Medical Developments
“The past year has been one of refocusing in the medical industry, as we really start to feel the macroeconomic pressures and healthcare reform taking place in the United States,” notes Sagentia Inc. Vice President of Surgical, Alistair Fleming...

Sagentia Group: The Smartest Guys in the Room?
Sagentia Group PLC (LON:SAG) specialises in outsourced R&D consultancy focused on Science and electro-mechanical engineering. The business has 25 years of operating history and has developed a global reputation for technical expertise


5 reasons why Unilever is so keen to invest in HUL
Unilever Plc's offer on Tuesday for an additional 22.5 percent stake in its Indian arm Hindustan Unilever (HUL) at a 20 percent premium took most by surprise. This is Unilever's biggest deal in as many as 13 years since it acquired Best Foods ...


Cambridge Temperature Concepts

Startup of the Week: DuoFertility Silicon Europe
DuoFertility is a medical device and software combination created by Cambridge Temperature Concepts. DuoFertility uses a patch sensor worn under the arm to measure a woman's body temperature automatically


BBC Today Programme – Quentin Tannock (Chairman, CambridgeIP): Interview 15th January 2013

BBC News: Surge in interest in 'wonder-material' Graphene

BBC online coverage: Graphene: Patent surge reveals global race

Telegraph online coverage: Graphene research moving abroad

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