New brand - new offer - new focus for growth

CMR Focus and Growth replaces CMResource in brand and offering. Quietly building confidence, with calm approach to planning and thoughtful goal setting.

Your space for …  Results that come from confident planning.  Creating a healthy and harmonious life work mix. Channeling your energy and time for focus and growth. Setting aside time for creativity that's so beneficial to your business. Feeling composed and ready to share your values and pricing structure.

Exciting news for the 2nd quarter of 2022 is the move towards a single offer and spotlight on focus, clarity, planning and growth for you and your business.

'My offer' is a new program for 'Managing Your Business Better', created for entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs, who are looking to make impactful changes by …

+ Calmly making great decisions
+ Planning the future with confidence
+ Bringing innovation into every action
+ Enjoying running your business, everyday

Growing sustainably

Every business is different, and every business owner, a one off.  So creating a business model, needs to be unique.  Providing a clear value offer alongside goals for short, medium and long term gain.  With ways of working for you to perform at your comfortable and confident best.

Part of your team

As someone new to your business, I often see things others don’t.   Because working on your business is hugely different to working in your business. And I am completely unbiased.  I find out what motivates you. Where you’re confident and where you want to grow.  Getting the results your hard work deserves.

Creative business modelling

My sessions are creative and innovative.  Building a model to show how your business builds, delivers and captures value.  So you can challenge the norm and captivate your customers.  Being in the right space, at the right time, with the right product.

My Mission - giving courage to a business owner in need
  • I work to understand what's at the heart of your business
  • To bring relief and clarity around ideas and problems
  • Helping you to build your message and brand originality
  • Creating a business confidence for you & your team
  • So that business feels straightforward, creative and fun

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