New glass bottle fizzy drinks machine is launched


Wright Design was given the design brief to change the perception of the carbonated drinks machine using a glass bottle for Soda-club.

Great consideration was taken with each element of the design, to make the product desirable and up market. The overall style and use of colours, with quality materials such as brushed stainless steel and a glass bottle added to the overall appeal. From the launch of the new Soda-Stream, there have already been good sales in Germany and is due to be released this year in the UK.

New glass bottle fizzy drinks machine launched'Soda-Club has worked with Wright Design for four years and we have developed as a team, with an understanding of the requirements of one another.

'The combined disciplines of mechanical design and aesthetic flare have given rise to products worthy of entering international competition. Their contribution goes further than design.

'An understanding of our market place has evolved and design has been supported with input on manufacture and sourcing options. The loop has been completed by consideration of the product branding and presentation.'

Tony Pateman - Design Manager - Soda Club


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