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Tessella rebrands and launches consultancy offering.

Oxford, UK – February 13 2009 -  Tessella, the information technology and consulting services company selected by R&D, science and engineering leaders for business critical assignments, announced the launch of Tessella consultancy services and the rollout of a new visual identity to reflect this broader business capability. As part of the initiative the company name will be changed to Tessella plc. The company was previously known as Tessella Support Services plc.

Kevin Gell, managing director, said “Since our foundation in 1980, Tessella has successfully delivered many application development and system integration projects to R&D, science and engineering leaders. Over time, however, our assignments have deepened both in scope and nature. Increasingly we provide clients a wider range of services like consultancy and outsourcing. We expect this part of our business to grow and want our name and brand to reflect this.”

Peter Townsend, commercial director at Tessella commented, “The new brand shows our ongoing focus on R&D, science, and engineering, but also reflects the wider scope of services that Tessella provides clients.” 

The new Tessella logo has a strong scientific heritage. It is based on a trefoil knot tessellated with different coloured tiles. In mathematics the trefoil knot is the simplest non-trivial knot.  In drug discovery, the trefoil knot fold is a structure found in proteins where it is part of the active site or a ligand-binding site and is critical to the activity of the enzyme in which it appears.


About Tessella
For decades, Tessella has been successfully delivering IT and consulting services to world leaders in R&D, science and engineering. Through the application of scientific methods and rigorous quality procedures, we enable clients in life sciences, energy, the public sector, and consumer industries to achieve a wide range of objectives, including, forecasting floods, developing fusion power, enhancing military sensor capability, improving drug discovery and development efficiency, and reducing risk to health and the environment in the extraction and production of oil and gas. With offices in Europe and North America, global companies rely on Tessella for business critical assignments.

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