New mental health magazine 'a great piece of work'



In line with Mental Health Awareness Week, Recovery College East has published the latest issue of Speak Your Mind magazine.

Created for people with mental and long-term physical health challenges, by people with their own challenges, the May 2018 issue of Speak Your Mind takes a close look at life for those who are not only battling health matters but also other personal circumstances that affect their health.

“One of the key issues brought to our attention by readers is that of dual diagnosis,” says Kelly Mansfield, Editor of Speak Your Mind. “This isn’t a term that is recognised by many and, it seems, even amongst professionals there is uncertainty about what it means.” The term is actually used to refer to people who have both mental health challenges and challenges around substance misuse – both of which carry a certain amount of stigma. “We hope that by addressing the issue we will get people talking about dual diagnosis and help to raise awareness,” says Kelly.

Those who care for people with mental or physical health challenges are also frequently misunderstood, or underestimated. That is, they play a significant role in the lives of those they care for but also have needs and their own health to consider. This issue reaches out to those people, looking at what a carer is and the support available.

Speak Your Mind, deemed a “great piece of work” by readers, is now in its third issue, all of which are available to view on the Recovery College East website. The May 2018 issue also covers:

  • ·         The latest news and developments
  • ·         Events, groups and workshops taking place this spring
  • ·         Getting a good night’s sleep
  • ·         Staying well at work
  • ·         The use of music as a wellness tool
  • ·         Personal stories
  • ·         Poetry and artwork
  • ·         Book reviews
  • ·         Sources of further help and information

Speak Your Mind is a free resource, available to download at: