New spin-out from technology entrepreneurs


Technology entrepreneurs Sentec, in Cambridge, have spun out another new business, Rapid Biosensor Systems.

RBS will commercialise technology for rapid screening of tuberculosis.

The technology was developed earlier this year with Sentec seed funding and a DTI Smart award.

It is a breathalyser-type system that provides on the spot analysis.

Initially the focus will be on TB which the World Health Organisation projects could infect a billion people and kill 35 million over the next 20 years.

Globally, TB is rising at three pre cent a year, with infection rates in England and Wales climbing at a rapid 35 per cent annually.

The key to treatment is early detection, and with the new RBS system each test will cost just 2.

Ultimately, the system is expected to become a generic platform for screening a range of infectious diseases such as flu and pneumonia, and there are also plans to use it to detect bacteria in food.

Dennis Camilleri, RBS boss, says: 'We will aim for licensing deals with global healthcare organisations. Our investors will play a literally vital and life-saving role in the key area of TB which is now considered a world emergency by the WHO.'

Dr Mark England, of Sentec, said: 'We see RBS quickly becoming a leading player in the $20 billion healthcare screening and diagnostics market.'


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