Nokia and du demonstrate the 5G future at GITEX 2017



Nokia and du demonstrate how 5G will transform people's lives with a showcase of 5G robot control and live streaming at GITEX Technology Week 2017 in Dubai.

The live streaming uses the Nokia OZO+ virtual reality camera and OZO Live, a real-time 3D 360 stitching software that delivers live virtual reality broadcasting.

  • At GITEX Technology Week, Nokia and du showcase how 5G will enable the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution'
  • Demonstrate 5G robot and live streaming using Nokia OZO camera
  • Demonstrations illustrate the promise of 5G's extreme reliability, ultra-low latency and high speed
  • Support du's smart city ambitions in a 5G environment

The robot demonstrates how the ultra-low latency and high-reliability of 5G technology will usher in automation in industrial processes, promising substantial improvements in efficient production. With extreme reliability, ultra-low latency, and high speeds, 5G will be a key enabler of the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution' by opening up new possibilities for applications, such as automated responsive robots in industrial production. Nokia and du's demonstration of a dual-arm collaborative robot (also known as 'cobot') - which is connected via 5G to an automated parts and material handling platform - shows visitors to GITEX how 5G's near-zero latency can visibly transform industrial operations with fully flexible, automated production.

Nokia and du also showcase at GITEX the capabilities of OZO+, the first professional virtual reality camera from Nokia Technologies. Visitors will be able to experience the 3D 360-degree live streaming experience, both at GITEX and on video-sharing websites with a virtual reality headset. Use of Nokia's OZO+ virtual reality camera, along with OZO Live, present a unique experience of live streaming using eight cameras and microphones that come together to reproduce 360-degree video and spatial audio.

Saleem AlBlooshi, Executive Vice President - Infrastructure & Technology, du, said: "The speed with which our networks are evolving is astounding, and it will only grow with the growing demand. In the UAE, for example, we are in the process of building a smart city - a networked society of individuals, corporations, government services and things - and 5G use cases that will drive the future solution. If there is one thing that is certain about 5G today, is that there will be no 5G big bang. 5G comprises of many components that will be evolved on our 5G journey. In our pursuit of this 5G journey, du is actively looking at the potential 5G use cases from now. Our demonstration of the dual-arm collaborative robot at GITEX is one of these futuristic use cases that show how the 5G's near-zero latency can potentially transform industrial operations with fully flexible, automated production."

Rima Manna, head of du customer team at Nokia, said: "In recent months Nokia has been presenting its concept of the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution', and we are now delighted to work with du at GITEX to showcase these innovations in this region, and drive further thought leadership on what these technologies can do. We look forward to exploring more 5G use cases with du."

Did you know?

Nokia is at the forefront of 5G research and industry collaboration. The company contributes to joint industry work, standardization, regulatory discussions and participates in collaborative research such as Europe's 5G PPP (5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership). It leads the 5G Mobile Network Architecture consortium in the European Union which defines the 5G architecture.

Picture: Marwan Bin Shakar, Vice President, Access and Transport Planning, du, with Rima Manna, head of du customer team at Nokia


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du is a vibrant and multiple award-winning telecommunications service provider serving 9 million individual customers with its mobile, fixedline, broadband internet, and Home services over its 4G LTE network. du also caters to over 100,000 UAE businesses with its vast range of ICT and managed services. Since its launch in 2007, du has many UAE firsts to its credit, including introduction of Pay by the Second® billing system, IPTV and self-service portal.

du is ideally placed to support the realisation of UAE Vision 2021 and transformation of Dubai into a Smart City. du is also the official strategic partner of the Smart Dubai Office and the platform provider for Smart Dubai. Following the successful testing of the Middle East's first Internet of Things (IoT) network, du is on course to complete deployment of its IoT network in 2016.

Brand Finance ranked du as the 12th most valuable brand in the Middle East in 2016. du previously won the coveted Brand of the year title by Superbrands Middle East in 2013. The company has been recognised with several other awards such as ISO 27001 certification of Managed Security Services and having the distinction of opening UAE's first LEED Platinum Certified Green Shop. du also has the unique distinction of the first telecom in the world to release Sustainability Report based on GRI-G4 guidelines in 2014. du is also credited with du's world-class teleport is the largest of its kind in the Middle East and ranked among the top teleports in the world by World teleport Association.

du is 39.5 percent owned by Emirates Investment Authority, 19.75 percent by Mubadala Development Company PJSC, 19.5 percent by Emirates Communications and Technology LLC and the remaining by public shareholders. Listed on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM), the company trades under the name 'du'.

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