NY and London are world's most wired cities


New York is by far the internet's most global metropolis and with the highest bandwidth capacity in the world, according to research company TeleGeography.

'Almost 150 Gbps of region-to-region bandwidth connect the city to more than two-thirds of all inter-regional internet capacity worldwide. New York has direct connections into 71 other countries, ten more than second-ranked London, which itself has over 85 Gbps of region-to-region bandwidth,' said TeleGeography.

The study ranks global internet cities according to their roles as 'inter-regional hub cities,' measuring how much internet capacity links them to other world regions. London, Amsterdam, Paris, and San Francisco follow New York as the internet's most global cities.

In all, five of the top ten cities are in the US - New York, San Francisco, Washington, Miami and Los Angeles. Four are in Europe - London, Amsterdam, Paris and Copenhagen - and just one - Tokyo - in Asia.

Although Europe and Asia each have major hub locations, coast-to-coast US routes remain the most common way to haul traffic between Asia and Europe, making the US a key staging ground for the rest of the world's internet, claims the research firm.

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