Only 51% of companies have taken recommended actions to identify cyber risk



According to the Cyber Breaches Survey 2016 released by the Department for Culture, Media & Sport, 69% of business say cyber security is a high priority for senior managers, but only 51% of companies have taken recommended actions to identify cyber risk.


CWL Systems writes:

CWL Systems started its life way back in 1992 when pagers were all the rage and “You’ve got mail” became the three most important words in the world. I’m sure you can also remember that dial tone as you sat in front of your PC waiting for your dial-up internet connection. Then just as you’re connected… someone picks up the phone and you’ve got to do it all over again.

Jump forward to 2016 and the whole world has changed. According to the Cyber Breaches Survey 2016 released by the Department for Culture, Media & Sport:

 “69% of business say cyber security is a high priority for senior managers, but that only 51% of companies have taken recommended actions to identify cyber risk”

Today, we’re literally connected to the internet at every single second of the day, everywhere we go. Our smartphones keep us online no matter where we are, so that friends, work, and our favourite tech-savvy businesses can reach us 24/7 to keep us up-to-date at all times. Now, think about your business network security……You’ve probably heard one of the following statements at least once in your career:

“How did my computer get infected? I have anti-virus software installed”
“I’m not worried about our company getting hacked, we have a Firewall”
I’m not worried about clicking on suspicious links, we have a Web Proxy”
“We have an Intrusion Detection/Prevention System in place, problem solved!”

These security technologies were developed at a time when threats were relatively static and the security industry was able to keep up with new variants of malware, new spam techniques, and threats that were relatively one-dimensional.

To those outside of IT Security, the traditional Anti-virus, Firewall, Spam Filter, IDS are typically all that are known. These are the terms that we are used to hearing on the news and seeing on the internet.

For those of us in IT security, we know that these technologies are antiquated and not sufficient to protect against today’s threats. They are great tools to filter out all of the noise and catch standard forms of attack, but more sophisticated methods are needed to address today’s sophisticated threats.

Taking all of this into account, CWL Systems have the ability to run a non-intrusive network security scan on your business network to help you find out if you are in danger of your network security being stuck in the 90s. If it turns out you are, we can help you establish the best way to safely bring your security into the 21st century.


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