OPUS announces first Cambridge workshops on processes in groups of people


OPUS (Organisation for Promoting Understanding of Society) workshops provide an opportunity to deepen understanding of how group processes – including those people are not immediately aware of – affect organisations and performance in teams and businesses.


OPUS has been offering workshops which enable people to learn about processes in groups and organisations for many years in venues worldwide. In January they will be offering their first workshops in Cambridge --- a one-day workshop being offered three times, on 12, 13 and 14 January at St John's Innovation Centre.

Most investigations of groups focus on how individuals behave. This workshop will look at the operation and perspective of the group-as-a-whole, which will give participants a new way to understand a range of group dynamics. It is an experiential event, so people learn from the experience of being in a group as things happen in that group.

One aspect of this is the way in which a “problem person” can be seen as acting out something on behalf of the group, which offers additional ways of addressing and benefiting from what seems to be destructive behaviour. More generally, the people taking part in these workshops elsewhere have found them a useful alternative way of thinking about their organisations, which deepens their understanding and helps them find hidden or new opportunities.

 These workshops are relevant to a wide range of people – HR professionals and managers, but also to entrepreneurs and people running small businesses, where the human functioning of an organisation makes a big difference to outcomes.

Further information: http://opus.org.uk/grpprprg.htm

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