PerkinElmer’s Horizon Discovery CHOSOURCE platform expands


Existing CHO platform, featuring low cost and no royalty or licence tie-ins, expands with new cell line to help develop biotherapeutics with increased potency and longevity and decreased side effects.

WALTHAM, Mass.--  PerkinElmer Inc., a global leader committed to innovating for a healthier world, today announced that its Horizon Discovery CHOSOURCE™ platform is expanding to include a new expression cell line, CHO-K1 ADCC+.

This new expression host was built from Horizon’s established biomanufacturing cell line, CHO-K1 GS KO, by knocking out the fucose gene to increase antibody-dependant cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) activity. This approach may improve potency and efficacy of therapeutic antibodies and fusion protein biotherapeutics, as well as reduce dosage requirements and side effects for patients.

The use of afucosylated antibodies and fusion proteins is expanding from oncology applications to infectious diseases like flu, Ebola, SARS and Covid-19, and most recently, autoimmune conditions. The availability of production tools, like the CHO-K1 ADCC+ cell line, is key to helping companies develop innovative and critical treatments across broader indications.

“Horizon has a long track-record in gene editing technologies that enable us to expand our CHOSOURCE platform to offer global scientists new and improved expression cell lines and service offerings to meet their evolving biotherapeutic development needs,” said Jesus Zurdo, head of cell and gene therapy and bioproduction for Horizon, a PerkinElmer company. “We are extremely excited about this new addition to the CHOSOURCE family which we will continue to add to in the future.”

The CHOSOURCE platform, now with CHO GS-KO and ADCC+ expression cell lines, is easily adaptable for implementation in proprietary biomanufacturing processes in the early stages of discovery and development of therapeutic programs. In addition, the CHOSOURCE platform continues to offer beneficial licensing solutions that enable technology access to any business, from virtual start-ups to established pharmaceutical companies and contract-manufacturing organizations.

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