Peter Radley joins the board of smart antenna developer Antenova


Chairman of Alcatel takes non-executive directorial position with Antenova

Dr Peter Radley, the Chairman of Alcatel UK, has become a Non-Executive Director of the smart antenna developer, Antenova.

His appointment brings a wealth of communications industry knowledge into the young company as it approaches commercial operations.

Dr Radley - also a director of the Cambridge Network - has been in the communications industry for over 35 years, with Standard Telecommunications Laboratories and its parent STC until 1991, and then with Alcatel. Starting as Research and Technology Director, responsible for Alcatels 14 worldwide research centres, he has latterly assumed a variety of senior management roles, including President of Mobile Communications activities, and is now Chief Executive and Chairman of UK and Ireland operations.

'The wireless industry is continuing its rapid evolution', says Dr Peter Radley. 'In my opinion, an advance in antenna performance is going to be an important driver, and I'm pleased to have been asked to contribute to a development company with a clear idea of how to achieve it'.

'Peter Radley has been closely engaged with the development of the cellular communications industry and modern mobile radio systems for well over a decade', adds Dr Graham Cooley, CEO of Antenova. 'That experience is priceless and will be of considerable help to Antenova in identifying the most important markets to target, and in avoiding the pitfalls of establishing a business based on new technology'.

Antenova owns the intellectual property underpinning its directional and steerable antenna technology, which will significantly increase performance, whilst dramatically reducing size and power consumption, by providing a completely solid-state solution for controlling the direction of transmissions.

Because the antenna is electronically steerable, it allows the capacity of communications networks to be multiplied by means of spatial multiplexing - transmitting in targeted segments rather than radially - making the huge prices paid for 3G frequency spectrum much better value.

Based on new materials and principles of operation, it enables designers to greatly enhance performance at the higher frequency bands that are coming into use with international standards such as Bluetooth and 3G.

The company recently announced the first trial of its directional antenna technology, which is taking place with the help of the mobile location specialists, Cambridge Positioning Systems.


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