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Any review of essential management skills always puts effective communication close to the top of the list. Yet poor communication is at the root of many problems.

Effecive communication on Tuesday September 11th, kindly hosted by Eagle Labs (7-8 Clifton Court, Cherry Hinton Road, CB1 7BN) is a one-day workshop aimed at managers. It will help you understand your own communication style, learn the essentials of good communication and develop your confidence to communicate effectively.

Course content


  •     What is effective communication?
  •     Barriers to effective communication
  •     Verbal and non-verbal communication

Developing Self-Awareness

  •     Understanding your own communication style
  •     Communication Styles questionnaire

The Essential Skills

  •     Understanding body language
  •     Active listening & questioning techniques
  •     Giving and receiving constructive feedback

Understanding Communication Channels

  •     When to talk and when to write

Effective Influencing

  •     How to get your message across
  •     Cross-cultural variations in communication
  •     Effective influencing in meetings

CPD Points: 6.5

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