Professor Vogiatzaki goes in search of ‘the new’

Maria Vogiatzaki, Professor of Architecture at Anglia Ruskin University

Maria Vogiatzaki, Professor of Architecture at Anglia Ruskin University (ARU), will go in search of “the daring”, “the modern”, and “the new” during her inaugural public lecture on Wednesday 11 March.

Titled “The evolution of design, from its beginnings to contemporary times”, it will cover Professor Vogiatzaki’s investigation into the evolution of the relationship between humans and design.

The lecture will journey through time, providing insights into design from its early beginnings to the rise of intelligent machines, the Internet of Things, big data and machine learning.

Professor Vogiatzaki will go on to question the dearth of innovation in modern architecture, despite the numerous recent technological advancements.

Professor Vogiatzaki said: “The paradox we are confronted with nowadays is that despite the mediation of intelligent machines and the respective unprecedented fast pace of changes in the sphere of the intellect, sciences, technology, and geopolitics of the globalised world, there are no apparent signs of novelty in contemporary architectural production.”

Professor Roderick Watkins, Vice Chancellor of ARU, said: “Inaugural lectures are important, celebratory events in any university’s calendar. I warmly encourage colleagues, students and members of the public to join us in learning more about the outstanding work of some of our newest professors.”

The inaugural lecture, which will take place at ARU’s Lord Ashcroft Building on the Chelmsford campus, begins at 7pm on 11 March. The event is free to attend and open to the public. Reserve a place here


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