Proteom and Gentech announce evaluation of Proteom's technology in the AgBio sector


Cambridge, UK and Sophia Antipolis, France.

.. Proteom and Gentech are pleased to announce an agreement to evaluate the potential for Proteom's bioinformatic platform in the AgBio sector.

Proteom is using its proprietary technology and know-how to define the rules that govern protein-protein interactions. It is able to design peptides that bind with specific regions of a protein and to identify binding sites on a protein. While Proteom's technology has been validated in biological systems relevant to drug discovery, it is thought that its bioinformatics platform can be applied across all known genome's - viral, bacterial and plant as well as human.

Gentech has considerable experience in the AgBio sector, developing and marketing innovative solutions that produce plant resistance to pathogenic agents. Gentech brings customers expertise in molecular biology, in vitro culture, plant transformation and bioinformatics, all of which enable the company to conduct basic and applied research on host-pathogen interactions. It also has a significant intellectual property position covering over twenty proteins implicated in molecular viral/plant interactions for the TYLCV/tomato plant model.

The companies have agreed to evaluate the utility and potential for Proteom's technology in the AgBio sector. The co-operation will include running analyses both in silico in the IT environment and in vitro in Gentech's laboratories. This may be the start of a wider co-operation between the two companies.

Gareth Roberts, Proteom's CEO, said: 'We have always felt that there is considerable potential for our technology in this sector, offering exciting opportunities for expanding our business. We are very pleased to be embarking on this evaluation with Gentech to enable future strategic decisions to be based on a solid understanding of the opportunity.'

Alaa Khashoggi, CEO of Gentech, said: 'By combining bioinformatics, molecular biology and biotechnology, Gentech develops novel solutions for plant resistance to viral diseases. We are very excited at combining our AgBiotech laboratory expertise with Proteom's promising bioinformatics technology to our research and development programs.'

About Proteom Limited

Proteom, based in Cambridge UK, is a bioinformatics company which is defining the rules by which proteins interact. It is able to use its proprietary technology to design peptide ligands (as therapeutics, the basis for small molecule design and components of high throughput screens), identify binding sites on proteins and define protein-protein interactions.

Its technology has been validated in biological systems and Proteom is working on a commercial basis with several biotech and pharmaceutical companies. More information is available on its website

About Gentech

Operational since 1997, Gentech is a privately-held company based in the technology park at Sophia Antipolis, near Nice. It has extensive laboratory and office space housed in premises of 1,700 sq metres (17,000 sq ft).

Specializing in research on innovative solutions for pathogen resistance in plants, the company has two areas of expertise that provide the basis for its business.

These are plant biotechnology, an innovative proprietary genetic engineering technology, and bioinformatics, where it has developed Biotechnix 3D, an all-in-one software tool for molecular biologists marketed world-wide. Additional information on Gentech's solutions can be found at

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