PsychologyOnline named top innovator

PsychologyOnline has been recognised for its innovation in healthcare. It is making therapy for depression and anxiety more effective, more accessible and more widely available.

PsychologyOnline was named as one of the top five innovations in Cambridge at a ceremony this week hosted by the Cambridge News.

The judges' panel, composed of leading local and worldwide figures, described the service as one of the best products developed within the city in the last 12 months.

CEO Barnaby Perks was delighted to receive such an endorsement. He said: “Cambridge is known for its technology and for its excellence in healthcare; we are honoured that against this track record our innovation has been recognised.

“We are involved in some exciting research collaborations so the innovation will continue, supported by a strong evidence-base gained from our NHS contracts.

“We have reached market at the right time, as strategically the NHS is moving towards the promotion of wellbeing on a parity with treatment of physical conditions. As a result we are seeing increasing demand for our service as it helps commissioning groups to exceed their objectives.

“For those struggling with depression or anxiety, online access to an experienced therapist provides an effective and highly confidential service and that is what we have strived to achieve.”

PsychologyOnline provides one-on-one therapy with an experienced psychotherapist via instant messaging. The therapy is within a secure online environment and the user only requires a mobile phone, tablet or computer with internet connection to gain access so does not need to leave the home to gain support. This also allows appointments to be made 24/7.


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