Pupils off school due to fuel crisis


Almost 300 pupils in Cambridgeshire were expected to enjoy an extra day's holiday today as the fuel crisis continued to cause problems.

Despite deliveries beginning to arrive at filling stations, the county council said five school buses and 37 taxis used to get children to classes would not run.

The worst hit was Bottisham Primary school where 58 children will stay at home while at Bottisham Village College 48 pupils are due to be affected.

Dry Drayton Primary School is the first in the county to close. It is hoped other closures will be avoided as petrol supplies reach forecourts.

Petrol deliveries were reported throughout Cambridgeshire but the vast majority of supplies were being reserved for emergency and essential services. Meanwhile waste recycling centres at Alconbury, St Neots, Thriplow and Whittlesey remain closed.

Some bus services were being cancelled, although most are expected to operate normally until the situation returns to normal.

Social services staff in Cambridgeshire were using 12 gas powered vehicles to reach the needy and vulnerable.