Q&A with Julie Moktadir, Cambridge Immigration Lawyer

Julie Moktadir, Partner at Stone King

Julie Moktadir, Partner at Stone King, explains how she became an immigration lawyer and why she loves working in Cambridge.

Julie Moktadir is an immigration lawyer and Partner at Stone King. 

Why did you choose law?

I lived abroad for many years and, in one of the countries I lived in, I faced adversity in searching for a job and entering the workplace. There was so much red tape in place to discourage foreign nationals from living and working there. The injustice of the situation fuelled my desire to enter a career in law, and six months later I began a law conversion course. I knew I wanted to practice immigration law having lived abroad for many years, and really understand the impact of global migration in today’s society.

What law would you like to see changed?

I would like to see the Immigration Rules become more accommodating to qualified workers and professionals. The current rules detail the Shortage Occupation List which contains a range of occupations which can be sponsored through an easier route than other roles. I would like to see this list widened.

What is the most rewarding work you do?

I am fortunate in that so much of my work is exciting and rewarding, I love my area of law. I worked for many years with individuals who had been trafficked. This was a very difficult area to work in but equally very rewarding and had great impact on the individual’s lives.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in the profession?

Ambition, commitment and networking are essential. If you are focussed on your goal you will succeed! Spend time researching your area of law, get as much work experience as you can, work hard in everything you do, and if possible find a mentor. Understand your strengths and consider if the area of law you have chosen will keep you engaged and enthused.

What do you like about working in Cambridge?

I had previously worked in London and Southampton. I moved to Cambridge in 2015. It surprised me when I first moved to this city how everyone knows everyone. I am very fortunate to have made some fantastic connections, and the networking within Cambridge is wonderful. The city is so diverse, multi-national and multi-cultural, it is the ideal place for an immigration lawyer to work.

Julie can be contacted on 01223 612082 or emailed at juliemoktadir@stoneking.co.uk

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