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Redgate, the Cambridge software company which develops database tools used by 91% of the Fortune 100, has launched a new one-stop resource to help software professionals find the information and advice they need faster and easier. The creation of the Redgate Hub is a direct response to the content overload every professional faces every day, and aims to guide users to the information they need, when they need it.


Alongside in-depth articles and opinions, insights and updates about topics of interest to database professionals, the Redgate Hub also provides tips and how-to guides about Redgate products, and user forums where readers can discuss and debate mutual problems.

Like many software companies, Redgate produces a range of content to address the common issues IT professionals face, get more value from the software they use, and advance their careers. Some of that content is produced by experts who work for the company, and a large part is commissioned from well known industry figures.

The resultant library of content provides a deep well of knowledge users and other professionals can draw from when looking for information on a particular topic. That could be anything from the basics of good T-SQL coding or automating database provisioning, through to how to use the new permissions feature in Redgate’s latest tool, SQL Clone.

Common to every case is finding the relevant information quickly. Software professionals are inevitably busy and while they often need the answer to a specific question, they need it now. With more and more content being produced than ever before, it can be a problem, especially when the value of some content is in doubt. Havas Media recently reported, for example, that 59% of the content created by the world’s leading 1,500 brands is ‘not very meaningful’.

“We spend a huge amount of time and effort creating in-depth, informative content,” says Tony Davis, Editor at Redgate. “The new Redgate Hub gives us a way to deliver that content in a way that makes it accessible and searchable. Readers can focus in on the area they want to know more about and find what they need much faster.”

Alongside the content that is refreshed and added to almost daily, users can also make the most of the forums inside the Redgate Hub to ask fellow professionals questions about using Redgate tools. So even if the specific detail they want to know more about hasn’t yet been covered in an article or how-to piece, there is still an avenue to find an answer.

“That’s probably one of the Redgate Hub’s biggest advantages,” concludes Annabel Bradford, Communities and Events Manager at Redgate. “By bringing together a community of like-minded professionals, there’s the opportunity to learn from each other as well as benefit from expert content.”

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