RFeye Nexus receivers deliver wideband performance over USB3.0 and PCIe



CRFS, a leader in COTS real-time RF spectrum monitoring solutions, announces faster sweep speeds and the addition of USB3.0 interface for its Nexus R-8 wideband receiver. Customers now have a choice of high speed PCIe or USB3.0 connectivity.


These new capabilities further strengthen CRFS’s Nexus receivers’ position as industry-leading best in class, providing unparalleled performance and flexibility for radio monitoring, direction finding and geolocation platforms.

With up to 100MHz of instantaneous bandwidth and sweep speeds up to 415GHz/s, Nexus R-8 receivers offer very high probability of intercept (POI) across the entire 9kHz to 8GHz frequency range. The high speed USB3.0 interface provides users a convenient direct connection to laptop or desktop PCs and the 4 lane gen 2 PCIe interface provides full bandwidth copper or fiber to host server platforms for IQ streaming applications.

With performance levels that exceed many large, bench-top, real-time spectrum analyzers, the R-8 Nexus receiver weighs less than 12 ounces (330g) and occupies only 15 cubic inches (234 cm3). The R-8 is a very compact, SWaP optimized, state-of-the-art solution designed to be integrated into a wide range of deployable systems including UAVs, vehicle systems, man-portable systems that can be integrated seamlessly into networked wide-area monitoring, direction finding and geolocation systems.

 “The latest additions and improvements further extend CRFS’s lead in high end SWaP-c receiver technology.” said Alistair Massarella, CEO at CRFS Ltd. “Our latest Nexus R-8 receiver offers outstanding sweep speed for very high probability of intercept, excellent noise figure for sensitivity and class-leading phase noise for more reliable signal classification.  Customers need to minimize time-to-mission for critical spectrum operations. USB3.0 and PCIe provide easy connectivity along with high speed data paths to support multiple mission profiles including monitoring and recording signals of interest.”

Nexus R-8 receivers are ideal for integration into a wide range of ground, naval and airborne platforms for mission critical COMINT, SIGINT and ELINT applications. In addition, CRFS offers a fully integrated plug and play RFeye node including the R-8 receiver, Linux controller card, 1 GigE connectivity and local terabyte storage, all housed in a compact IP-67 enclosure


About CRFS

CRFS is a leader in real-time RF spectrum monitoring solutions for regulatory, defence, aerospace and security agencies.  Applications include spectrum management and enforcement, remote site and perimeter monitoring, real-time situational awareness, threat detection and signals intelligence.  The RFeye® range includes best-in-class networkable receivers and nodes designed for remote, distributed, continuous 24/7 monitoring of the RF environment.  Powerful data analytics and visualisation tools provide actionable intelligence in complex and critical RF environments.

CRFS has operations in Cambridge UK and Fairfax, Virginia and a large network of dealers and distributors around the world.

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CRFS is a leader in real-time RF spectrum monitoring solutions for regulatory, defense, aerospace and security agencies. Based in Cambridge, UK and proud recipient of 2013 Queen's Award for Enterprise.

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