Role models for aspiring young engineers – TWI celebrates National Women in Engineering Day


It was a chance to celebrate being a part of a great team when over 40 female engineers based at TWI's Granta Park headquarters got together to mark National Women in Engineering Day.

In contrast to the national picture, where only 6% of engineers are female, TWI has at least 25% women engineers, qualified or qualifying across all levels, from technician and project leader through to principal project leader and manager grades. And human resources statistics for the company’s UK and international laboratories support this sustainable trend across three years.

With over 60 women engineers currently working at the organisation on materials joining and engineering projects for member companies from industry sectors including medical, transport, and oil and gas, the work environment and culture at TWI is not only to encourage and inspire new recruits and also to invest in senior staff with valuable core knowledge.

Structural integrity project leader Emily Hutchison said, ‘I like being an engineer because I get to make a positive difference to the safety of structures around the world, as well as being part of a great team of people.’

This teamwork in research and development for its Industrial Member companies goes hand-in-hand with the work TWI and its Professional Division, The Welding Institute, carries out with schools and colleges. Many of the engineers share their knowledge and knowhow with school children and young adults, through fun workshops and specially organised local science days.

‘We hope young women will see what can be achieved in the world of engineering – there are so many opportunities open to men and women alike, and if we can be role models for future engineers, that makes our day jobs all the more worthwhile,’ said engineering fracture expert, Philippa Moore.

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Issued by 23 June 2014


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